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Shoalhaven Hospital Master Plan

The Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital Master Plan is the Local Health District’s long-term view of what could be possible on the hospital site in the future.

Further detailed planning and design, as well as capital funding, would be required before any redevelopment or expansion projects can proceed.

The multi deck car park project is the first step to prepare the site for the future.

The Master Plan

The Master Plan considers the types of buildings that are needed to best support the health care needs of the local population through to 2027.

A Master Plan is a simple map that shows the footprint space allocated to major groups of services within a hospital such as medical, emergency department and surgery.

One of the purposes of a Master Plan is to make sure services are in the most practical location, for example, surgery wards are best placed close to operating theatres and emergency department patients need to be close to x-ray services. 

Detail such as bed numbers, number of operating theatres, staff numbers or exact details of services that might be provided within each building are not typically provided in a Master Plan. These details are usually defined after further planning and a business case is prepared.

The Master Plan has been informed by a review of the current services provided at Shoalhaven Hospital and the estimated future population health needs.

It has been developed in consultation with clinical and hospital staff, Council, and local community organisations. Broader community feedback is now invited and will be considered as part of the planning process.

Click on the image below to see the Master Plan.


An artist’s impression of what the site could potentially look like in the future under the Master Plan is provided below.



You can provide feedback on the Master Plan by emailing

Once your views and ideas have been considered the Plan will be finalised and it will then be used to identify and prioritise future projects when funding becomes available.