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Wollongong Hospital Car Park Redevelopment

Project outline

The NSW Government has allocated $30.5 million for the construction of a new multi-deck car park able to accommodate an additional 750 car park spaces. This will be built adjacent to the existing multi-deck car park on New Dapto Road, near Wollongong Hospital.

The new facility will more than double current parking capacity and connect to the Hospital via the existing foot bridge across New Dapto Road. This is in addition to the 434 on-street spaces within 500 metres of the Hospital.

Project progress

Completion of the Wollongong Hospital Car Park Redevelopment

June 2015 saw them completion and opening of the new Wollongong Hospital Car Park. The additional spaces have been welcomed by the patients, visitors and staff. The final stage is the fleet vehicle car park, which is expected to be completed and handed over by the end of October 2015.


Wollongong Hospital Campus- including new Car Park


View of Car Park facing North.


Works progressing in the car park which will house the hospitals fleet vehicles due for completion end of October 2015


New Car Park from New Dapto Rd

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February 2015

Minister for Health
Minister for Health, Jillian Skinner participates in a traditional topping out ceremony to mark the construction milestone of the new car park reaching its highest level. The ceremony includes a symbolic tree, which will planted as part of the streetscape.

Final Stages
Final stages of the concrete pour is carried out.

December 2014 – January 2015

Wollongong Hospital Car Park Redevelopment Level 5 
Level 5 Pour 1 deck has commenced, concrete walls and stair 2 walls to be poured. 
Level 4 Pour 2 deck complete.

Wollongong Hospital Car Park Redevelopment Level 4 
Level 4 Pour 1 & 2 deck formed. 

Car Park Level 4 
Level 4 pour 1 deck nearing completion, Level 3 Pour 2 slab preparation works. 
Stairs 1 and 2, Lift 1&2 internal shutters installed.

Car Park Level 3 
Work progressing; Level 3 concrete pour, Lift Levels 3-4 internal shutters and
Level 3 Pour 2 deck being formed.  

October - November 2014: Work on the car park project is continuing with slabs being poured and lift walls formed. The panorama photos below show progress on the eastern (left) and western (right) sides of the project.

Work continues on Level 3 of the new CarPark.

Left: detailed excavation in progress and future lift pit reinforcement taking place.
Right: piling progresses. 

Left: detailed excavation complete, footings being reinforced and crusher dust basecourse being laid for Level 1 slab preparation
Right: piling continues in western half of job. 

Level 1 Pour 1 slab complete, preparation for Pour 2 commenced (reinforcement in place), forming of lifts 1 and 2 walls.

Left: all Level 1 slab pours complete. Decking for Level 2 suspended deck progressing.  Right: civil excavation taking place for stormwater drainage and OSD tank.

Left: Level 2 suspended deck almost complete, forming of Lifts 1 and 2 continues.
Right: Level 1 slab pour progressing and OSD tank excavated.

Left: PT and reinforcement installation progressing on Level 2 suspended deck.
Right: Level 1 slab pours occurring and commencing Level 2 suspended deck.

Left: Level 2 Pour 1 complete, progressing with Level 3 suspended deck.  Lift and stair walls formed. 
Right: On-site Stormwater Detention (OSD) tank complete, only one section of Level 1 slab remaining to be poured.

July 2014 – Relocation of the Friends of the Hospital offices and completion of the temporary Engineering Workshop allowing for bulk excavation works to commence and the demolition of the existing Engineering Workshop.




May 2014 – Site establishment and commencement of demolition as part of enabling works for the project.
April 2014 – Contract awarded to AW Edwards to deliver the new Car Park, providing over 750 additional car park spaces to the hospital community.


February 2014 - The car park and the Engineering Workshop were submitted for tender in February.

December 2013 - The decanting of the Engineering Workshop has been on the critical path of the programme. The workshop needs to be relocated to allow construction of the new car park. The commissioning and handover date for the car park is expected to be early 2016.

October 2013 – Options of the Engineering Workshop details have been ongoing.

June 2013 – Development Application was submitted to Wollongong City Council and waiting approval.

April 2013 – Planning and design stage is in progress.

January 2013 – The car park is in preliminary planning. The consultant team has been appointed.

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What is the Wollongong Car Park Redevelopment project?

The project consists of a new multi-deck car park providing more than 700 spaces, to be built adjacent to the existing multi-deck car park on New Dapto Road, next to Wollongong Hospital.

When will it be built?

Construction is expected to commence in mid 2014, and be completed by early 2016.

What will be the impact on the ISLHD?

The Wollongong Hospital Car Park Redevelopment will create a positive impact on the ISLHD mainly due to the decrease in parking congestion on the adjacent hospital streets and by providing patients, staff and family members easy access to the hospital via the existing foot bridge.

Who is running the project?

Health Infrastructure is the responsible body for this NSW Ministry of Health project. A Project Manager has been engaged to manage consultants and to design and generate necessary documents for development application submission. The construction contract is expected to be released for tender early in the next financial year.

How will the community benefit from this project?

As the Minister for Health noted in June 2012, additional car parking spaces aims to relieve the pressure of inadequate parking or the need to park long distance from the hospital and to make life easier for patients and staff.

What about staff?

The parking issues experienced by staff will be reduced.

How will people know what is happening as the project progresses?

ISLHD Website and Intranet site, media releases, staff newsletters, CE newsletters, staff open forums and where appropriate department meetings. If you require further information please contact your direct Manager.

How will the local community be involved?

Discussions have been, and will continue to be held with the Wollongong City Council, to ensure that traffic flow is maintained with the additional traffic due to the construction of the car park. Public forums are held at least annually for community members to ask questions.

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Contact us

If you have any further questions regarding the Wollongong Hospital Car Park Redevelopment project please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can or contact Gail O'Hara, Capital Works Project Officer on (02)4253 4604.