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Services provided at Port Kembla Hospital

Services at Port Kembla Hospital


  • Rehabilitation Inpatient
  • Palliative Care inpatient

Allied Health - Outpatients

  • Social Work
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Pathology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Dietetics
  • Audiology
  • Podiatry
  • Child & Family

Inpatient Services

  • Second Floor Rehabilitation - 22 bed inpatient rehabilitation unit (Block A, 2nd floor)
  • Ground Floor Rehabilitation - 20 bed inpatient rehabilitation ward (Block C, ground floor)
  • Palliative Care - 15 bed inpatient unit (Block A, 1st floor)
  • Inpatient Services - including nutrition, social workers, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, psychology

Outpatient Services

  • Allied Health Clinics - including Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Dietetics, Audiology, Podiatry and Speech Pathology services
  • Rehabilitation Psychology Services
  • Illawarra Brain Injury Service
  • Doctors Clinics - providing medical consultative & palliative care outpatient services
  • Medical Imaging (clinics only)
  • Community Mental Health - acute assessment team
  • Outpatients Clinics - including, Child & Family services, Audiology, Podiatry, Spinal & Amputee services
  • Drug & Alcohol Services - including First Step, HIV Prevention Services, Drug & Alcohol Community Adult Team (DACAT)
  • Sexual Health Clinic
  • Pharmacy

Other services located at Port Kembla Hospital

  • Health Support Area Food Services
  • Health Care Interpreter Service
  • Hillview Childcare Service
  • Equipment Loan Pool
  • Access & Referral Centre
  • People, safety & Culture
  • Payroll
  • Health Transport - outpatient & inpatient transport services

Interpreter Services

You can have an interpreter if you speak another language, including AUSLAN. This is a free service and is available seven days per week. Translation services can be provided in person or by phone. You can find more information on the Health Care Interpreter Services page.