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Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital 

Discharge Support Services

Shoalhaven has a range of Discharge Support Services available, these include three programs:

  1. Early Discharge Therapy Team (EDTT)
  2. Facilitated Discharge Program (FDP)
  3. Shoalhaven Transitional Aged Care Service (STACS).

The programs are designed to provide support to patients in their own homes after discharge from hospital. To qualify for the programs patients must be:

  • A current inpatient of Shoalhaven, David Berry or Milton-Ulladulla Hospital
  • Medically stable and safe for discharge
  • A resident of the Shoalhaven Local Government Area

Early Discharge Therapy Team (EDTT)

AIM: To decrease the length of hospital stay for targeted patients.

HOW: Provide in the patient's home (for up to 6 weeks) therapy services that would have been provided in hospital.

WHO: Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists based at SDMH.

TARGET: Patients who are medically stable but require ongoing therapy from Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist.

COMMON PATIENT GROUPS: Orthopaedics, stroke, deconditioned patients.

Facilitated Discharge Program (FDP)

AIM: To decrease the length of hospital stay for targeted patients.

HOW: Provide home support services to patients for up to 6 weeks, who would otherwise need to stay in hospital if support was not available. Service provided includes personal care, domestic assistance, meals, social support and transport.

WHO: FDP Case Coordinator (RN) based at SDMH. Services are provided by Bay and Basin Community Resources Inc (BBCRI).

TARGET: Patients who live alone, with no other support services available.

COMMON PATIENT GROUPS: Orthopaedics, major abdominal surgery, chest infections/CAL.

Shoalhaven Transitional Aged Care Service (STACS)

AIM: To address the needs of older people who would require residential aged care in the absence of the program.

HOW: Provide up to 12 weeks support and low intensity therapy in patients' homes in order to improve self-care and plan longer term aged care options.

WHO: STACS team based at SDMH and services provided by Bay & Basin Community Resources Inc. An ACAT assessment is necessary before the service can commence.

TARGET: Older people assessed as requiring at least low level residential care that have completed their acute or sub-acute episode of care.

COMMON PATIENT GROUPS: Older patients and their families considering long term care options.

Telephone: 4423 9398
Facsimile: 4423 9519