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Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital 

Maternity Ward

Maternity Ward

The Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital has first class facilities and highly skilled staff including obstetricians, paediatricians and midwives.

The maternity ward has a Special Care Nursery for babies who need specialised attention.

Women are provided with assistance with the care and feeding of their baby.

Rest is essential for new mothers if they are to be well prepared for parenting. With this in mind we respectfully request that visitors keep to visiting hours unless special circumstances apply.

Philosophy of Delivery Area

The midwifery staff's philosophy in the birthing area is based upon the belief that a woman has the right to choose her own method of labour and birth providing safety of both mother and baby is ensured. We believe in a family centred environment where mother, partner and/or additional support person attend labour under the guidance and care of skilled midwifery staff.

We encourage active birth and provide showers and baths, bean bags, exercise ball, floor mats and birthing stool if you choose to use them. If you have special requests regarding your labour and birth, feel free to discuss them with the midwifery staff or your doctor.

Visiting Hours

11am – 12pm
3:30pm – 8pm

Admission for Labour & Birth

When the time has arrived for you to come to hospital, please ring the birthing area on 4421 3834 before coming to the hospital. It is advisable to keep this number handy at all times. You can also ring the birthing area if you are unsure whether to come in or not.
When you arrive at hospital please come to the Maternity Ward Reception desk. Remember to bring your antenatal form from your doctor, any ultrasounds, Medicare card and Private Health Insurance details if applicable.
In line with contemporary birthing practices, your care during labour and in the postnatal period will be undertaken by midwives unless indicated otherwise.

Partners are encouraged to be present while you are in labour. Another support person may be present in the birthing room if you wish. If you would like your child/children to be present at the birth please discuss this with the midwife first. If your child/children are present, a caretaker person other than your partner must be in attendance to care for them and provide for their needs.
While their partners are in labour, fathers are welcome to make tea or coffee for themselves. You may like to bring a camera or video camera into the birth area or theatre to capture the birth. The birthing area has a CD player if you wish to bring your favourite music along. Bean bags, exercise ball and birthing mat are available for your use.
You may eat and drink as you wish in early labour. Heavy meals are not advisable, however it is important to have a good fluid intake. As labour progresses and you feel less like eating, sucking barley sugar, boiled sweets or sipping lemonade will help keep your energy up.

How to Find Us

  • Please use the main entrance in Scenic Drive and follow signs to the Maternity Unit, which is situated on Level 2 between Surgical and Children's Ward.
  • After hours (8pm - 6am) entrance to the Maternity Unit is via the Emergency Department.

Booking In

Bookings are done through the Antenatal Clinic Midwife located at 53 Osborne Street, Nowra, telephone 4421 0403.

An appointment is required, and will last around 90 minutes. An obstetric history will be taken at this time, so it would be appreciated if the antenatal form from the doctor, any ultrasounds, and Medical/private health insurance details could be brought to the interview.

Please try to arrive about 10 minutes before your appointment time, to see the Antenatal Clinic Clerk.

Preparation for Childbirth & Parenting Classes

Antenatal classes are offered. These cover care in pregnancy, labour, birthing, and parenting. You will need to confirm your booking for these classes, and a small fee will be charged.  

Partners and support people are encouraged to attend, and we ask that you wear casual clothes for the classes.

Young Mothers Group

Specifically aimed at young mums-to-be, these classes are ongoing during pregnancy. They cover care in pregnancy, labour, birth and parenting. Other issues particularly relevant to young women are also covered.

The group meets at the Antenatal Clinic, 53 Osborne Street, Nowra.

Antenatal Clinics

Midwives Clinic and Doctors Clinics are also run from 53 Osborne Street Nowra.
For further information please contact
Antenatal Clinic
53 Osborne Street
Nowra NSW 2541
Phone: 4421 0403