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HIV & Related Programs Unit (HARP) Training 2018


The DOIN ‘IT’ RIGHT! Resource from the Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council, provides workers (including non-sexual health and non-Aboriginal workers) with step by step instructions on delivering a range of sexual and reproductive health activities appropriately and effectively to Aboriginal young people. Refreshments & lunch provided along with a printed hard copy per organisation of the resource DOIN 'IT RIGHT! Valued at $66 each.

Tuesday 8 May Shoalhaven
Tuesday 4 September Wollongong


First Step Program would like to invite one or two people from your team or organisation to attend a tour of their service.  We intend to continually improve the way we relate to other services and increase staff knowledge around the issues of Drugs and Alcohol, with the intention that this opportunity will fill gaps in networking and referrals between services. First Step Program is a blood borne virus prevention service In the Illawarra and Shoalhaven area. The service provides clean injecting equipment, free condoms as well as support and referrals in all matters of health and welfare including detox and rehabilitation. It is a free and confidential service.  They also provide outreach services and education on HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis A, B and C and waste management of used syringes to individuals and groups.
Dates TBA 2018

ON THE COUCH-Wollongong

On the Couch aims to get up close and personal with a panel of speakers who will be hosted by a facilitator around a subject area. Our intention is for this to be a safe space, but nonetheless, one where the audience can ask questions and engage freely.

Thursday 22 February Sex & the NDIS
Thursday 24 May -Transgender
Thursday 23 August- Aboriginal sexual health
Thursday 25 October- Sex and social media
Thursday 29 November- Sex across the lifespan

PLAY SAFE-Working with young people around sexual health: a resource kit

In 2017 the Play Safe resource kit was launched to accompany the Play Safe website and to support workers in all things sexual health.
The play safe resource kit consists of several documents which help your organisation to introduce sexual health topics in a supportive and practical way. The kit also consists of worksheets and lots of interactive games and activities around sexual health, relationships, consent and breaking down stereotypes.
All contents of the kit are available as electronic downloads so each of the services can have access to all content covered and discussed. A hard copy of the kit is also available for purchase.
The HARP team are offering you a  3 hour training session to introduce you to the kit and support you in introducing it to your service.

Tuesday 3rd July Wollongong
Tuesday 30th October Shoalhaven


This training will provide practical skills when working with people from CALD backgrounds around fertility, childbirth and motherhood; Sexually Transmissible Infections including HIV.

Tuesday 20 March Shoalhaven
Tuesday 19 June Wollongong


Sticky Stuff is for youth workers, health workers, teachers, coaches or anyone who is in contact with young people and wants to be able to help them make healthy decisions about sex and sexuality. We focus on helping workers ask (and answer) the hard questions! A collaborative initiative between HARP, YFoundations.

Tuesday 13 February 2018  Shoalhaven
Tuesday 20 November 2018 Wollongong


SSometime parents and carers can be so concerned about getting it right, perfectly right, that they end up saying nothing at all. Young people in today’s society have to navigate and negotiate a lot more around sex than ever before.

Talk soon. Talk often is an information session with Naomi Viret, Sexual Health Education Officer from the HIV & Related Programs (HARP) Unit and Noeline Bedford, Clinical Nurse Specialist, from the Illawarra Shoalhaven Sexual Health Service.

Wednesday 11 April 2018 Wollongong


The Talk takes participants on a journey through sex in society, current HIV & sexually transmissible infections update, LGBTI perspectives and an HIV positive speaker. Now it’s in seventh year, The Talk continues to change to meet the ever evolving needs of workers. Refreshments and lunch are provided. 

Thursday 1 March Wollongong
Tuesday 7 August Shoalhaven