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Services provided at Wollongong Hospital

Wollongong Hospital Obstetrics and Maternity Services

Our staff's philosophy is based upon the belief that a woman has the right to choose her own method of labour and birth providing safety of both mother and baby is ensured. We believe in a family centred environment where mother, partner and/or additional support person attend labour under the guidance and care of skilled midwifery staff.

We encourage active birth and use of showers and baths, bean bags, exercise ball, floor mats and birthing stool if you choose to use them. If you have special requests regarding your labour and birth, feel free to discuss them with the midwifery staff or your doctor.

Antenatal Services

Obstetric Outpatients (Antenatal Clinic) is located on Level 1 Block D, Wollongong Hospital,
Ph 4253 4256

To book into hospital

  1. Have your pregnancy confirmed by your GP and get a referral from your GP for the hospital for your pregnancy.
  2. Call the Antenatal clinic Monday-Friday 9am-4pm on 4253 4284 and talk to staff to arrange your booking in history with the midwife.
  3. Staff will ask certain questions to enable us to make this appointment. You will get a date and time for your first appointment with the midwife. At this visit the midwife will do your booking in history. This usually takes 90 minutes.
  4. The GP will order routine pregnancy bloods and ultrasounds, please bring these results and referral to your booking in appointment.

The following options of care are available:

Midwives clinic – Low risk and High risk models of care are available at Wollongong Hospital. Additional outreach clinics are available at Woonona, Warrawong and Shellharbour Hospital. 
Ph 4253 4256.

Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) - Continuity of midwifery care is offered by two teams of on call midwives to women who reside within the Illawarra. Midwives are trained specialists in normal pregnancy and birth and we aim to facilitate an experience where women and their families feel informed, supported and in control of their care.  You will have a primary midwife who, with the support of her team, provides care through pregnancy, birth and the two weeks after.  MGP encourages active labour, natural birth, breastfeeding and early discharge home.  We can offer publicly funded homebirth and vaginal birth after one caesarean section (VBAC) in consultation with doctors. MGP has limited places with priority given to healthy women having their first baby and inclusion is subject to approval.  For more information contact MGP Wollongong on
To apply to MGP, please fill out the 'Midwifery Group Practice – Request for Care Form’  and email the document to

Services for young women - Community Health for Adolescents In Need (CHAIN) provides antenatal care, birthing classes and early parenting support groups to girls and women between the ages 14 and 24 yrs. CHAIN is located at 1a Denison Street, Wollongong. This service provides a continuity of midwife through the pregnancy and into your early parenting time.
Ph 4226 5816

Day assessment Unit (DAU) for obstetric surveillance – is located in the Obstetric Outpatients on Level 1 Block D.  Mothers are assessed for any illness that may impact on the pregnancy and subsequently the wellbeing of the baby.

AMIHS- the Aboriginal Maternal Infant Health Service (known as Miinya Biyanga Boori) is based at Shellharbour Hospital for women across the district. AMIHS is a model of care for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island pregnant women or women with Aboriginal partners. We offer culturally appropriate continuity and flexibility of antenatal and postnatal care. 
Ph 4295 2417

GP Antenatal Shared Care – Our GP Liaison midwife is available to talk to any GP who would like to see pregnant women through their pregnancy. Regular educational Updates and Clinical Pathways are provided at Wollongong Hospital to ensure your GP has access to updated pregnancy and baby information.  GPs can contact the GP Shared Care Coordinator on  
Ph 4253 4271.

Student Midwifery Group Practice -  you will be allocated a student midwife who will work alongside senior midwives in the antenatal clinic on a Friday afternoon from 1300-1600.  While in labour you will have a Birth Unit midwife and your student midwife for one to one care.  The student midwife will at your antenatal appointments, birth and will see you after you have had your baby.  Feedback has shown that women and their families feel comfortable and well supported in this program. 

We also offer High Risk obstetric care, Doctors clinics, Case Management of complex social issues, and access to Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Outpatient clinic

Education/ Prenatal Classes

Antenatal classes are offered with partners and/or support person encouraged to attend. The classes will be discussed with families at booking to ensure the needs of the family are met.

Health Care Card holders are able to access free birth education.

EPAS (Early Pregnancy Assessment Service)

Is an outpatient service for women who are less than 20 weeks pregnant, experiencing complications such as bleeding, pain or miscarriage.

It is by appointment only. Please call 4253 4270 to make your appointment and leave a message if the EPAS nurse is busy.

EPAS is located in Women’s, Kids and Families Outpatient Clinic, Level 2, Block C, Wollongong Hospital.
Ph 4253 4270

Birthing Services

Philosophy of the birthing unit is to encourage active birthing and where possible continuity of care.

There are options for birthing including water births

The Birthing Unit is a triage for obstetric care from 20 weeks gestation.

Maternity Inpatient Service (Ward C2 West)

Our inpatient unit (maternity ward) offers care for antenatal women requiring medical care and postnatal care for mothers and babies. 

During your stay you can expect education and assistance with caring for your baby, appropriate health checks and screening for you and your baby, and support for your family in the transition to home.  

We offer 24hour rooming in for mother and baby.

Our average length of stay is 2 days, and we discharge women by 10am.
Visiting Hours 11-1pm and 3-8pm
Partners or support person can visit at 10am to assist and attend education with mother
Ph 4253 4201

Maternity Support Program

A postnatal community midwife model of care offers parenting support following early discharge from the maternity unit, premature or long lengths of stay in a neonatal unit, and provides a seamless transition from maternity to child and family nursing.

Child and Family

You will be contacted by a Child and Family Nurse who will offer a universal health home visit or a clinic appointment.  

Neonatal Unit

Wollongong Hospital’s Neonatal Unit is a 20 bed level 4 unit providing care to the sick neonate from 32 weeks gestation.  We are able to provide care including CPAP and short term ventilation to the newborn.  Babies requiring higher level care are transferred to a level 5/6 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit via Newborn Emergency Transport Service (NETS). 

We encourage the family to be a partner in the care of their newborn, along with the nursing, paediatric and allied health teams.  We encourage breastfeeding and provide a rooming in facility for mothers from out of area and prior to discharge.

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