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Working with Us Working in ISLHD

Benefits of Working with us

Your pay and salary packaging

As an Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (ISLHD) employee, you are paid a salary as set out in your role description, plus compulsory employer superannuation contribution (9.5 per cent of salary) and an annual leave loading (17.5 per cent).

Salary packaging is also available to most permanent full time, permanent part time and temporary employees. Salary packaging is an easy way to increase your take home pay by paying for approved personal expenses using your gross salary (that is, your salary before tax is deducted) up to an annual limit of $9,009. For example, if you are earning around $90,000 the salary benefit is about $2,000.

In addition, you have the opportunity to turn more of your salary into tax free income through our Meal Entertainment program which works in a similar way to salary packaging. Eligible employees can claim food and beverage expenses when purchased under certain circumstances, up to an annual limit of $2,650, as an additional benefit.

Your flexible work options

Flexible work options are available to help you balance your personal and family commitments with your work. Depending on your work commitments, you may be able to access a range of flexible work options including, but not limited to, variation to your hours, part time work, job-sharing, or working from home. 

Your leave entitlements

Annual leave

You are entitled to 20 days (4 weeks) paid annual leave. It’s important to take advantage of your leave to refresh and keep yourself healthy. Some work categories are also able to cash out additional leave.

Parental leave

We offer attractive maternity and parental leave options for employees who have completed 40 weeks of continuous service within NSW Health. This includes 14 weeks paid maternity leave which can be taken at full pay over 14 weeks or half pay over 28 weeks. One week paid parental leave with up to 51 weeks of unpaid parental leave is also available to the other parent.

Family and Community Services Leave (FACS)

FACS leave is available for a range of personal reasons encompassing family responsibilities, performance of community service or cases of pressing necessity.

Study leave

There are various types of development opportunities available including training, conferences and tertiary study, and you can access study leave for opportunities that are aligned to your current role and/or future career prospects. Senior Medical Officers also have access to Training, Education and Study Leave (TESL).

Sick leave

Sick leave is available for times when you are unwell. Paid sick leave of 10 days per annum is available after having completed three months’ work with us.

Allocated Day Off (ADO)

If you are a full time employee and work 40 hours a week then you can take a day a month as a paid ADO. You can accumulate up to three ADOs at a time.

Career breaks

You can take advantage of unpaid leave for periods from three to 12 months to pursue other interests without resigning your job or sacrificing your career.

Living well

We offer a range of workplace health and wellbeing opportunities to help you live well. This includes team based healthy activity challenges, free and confidential counselling (Employee Assistance Program), voluntary health checks, flu vaccinations, a smoking cessation program, and a subsidised gym program (Fitness Passport).

Our Living Well Hub and app gives you access to recipes, health articles, and online DIY tools to assess your health. You are also able to access a range of discounts which cover private health insurance, gym memberships, shoes and clothes, fitness trackers, subscriptions to magazines, and gift vouchers on Red Balloon.

Employee assistance program

You can access our confidential professional counselling for work, personal or family issues through an independent counselling provider. The service is available face to face, online or over the phone and can be accessed by you or your immediate family members. You can access three free sessions per issue per year.

Workplace safety

Our safety goal is to always be safe at work and to have everyone safety aware and living our safety message – Think Safe, Work Safe, Live Safe. Our safety programs focus on behaviours and work design that reduces risk of injury in the workplace, and promotes the health and wellbeing of our people.

Learning and professional development

Everyone participates in our learning and development opportunities. Depending on your career goals and the skills you feel you need to build, you can cover technical role-specific training, leadership and management skill building, coaching or pursue secondment opportunities.

Our programs are offered face to face and through our online learning hub – My Health Learning.  We also offer a high potential talent program for those who want to gain exposure to other areas of the business, challenge themselves in new areas of work and develop new skills including a Green Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma.


We like to celebrate when our people live our values and achieve great things. We recognise our achievements through a range of formal award programs that acknowledge when our people display excellent leadership, embody our values and achieve our goals.

Recognition can also be a call out in the moment from your manager or your team when they notice something you have done that has made a real difference to our customers. We also celebrate the long term commitment of our employees by recognising years of service milestones.

Career progression

You are in charge of your career. You can take advantage of a supportive culture that includes development opportunities, training and experiences that build your skills and capabilities, as well as practical advice and support. Progression is seen as getting yourself ready to take your next career step when you see the opportunity present itself.