Bulli Urgent Primary Care Centre


The role of the Bulli Urgent Primary Care Centre is to specialise in lower acuity presentations, which means minor injuries and illnesses only. All people with minor illness or injury who need medical attention can arrive between 7:00am – 10:00pm on any day. No referral is necessary.

The order in which you will be seen in the Urgent Primary Care Centre is determined by the seriousness of your health problem, not the time of your arrival. Those people with the most serious conditions are always treated first and those with less serious conditions may have to wait.


Contact Information

Bulli Urgent Primary Care Centre, Bulli Hospital
Hospital Road
Bulli NSW 2516
02 4284 4344

7am – 10pm every day.

Car parking   

A space for patient drop off is at the Main Entrance. Disabled parking is available on site. Some parking is available on the streets around the hospital. Please check the signposts as there is a construction zone and parking is now limited.