Geriatric Outpatient Clinic - Bulli Hospital


The Geriatric Outpatient Clinic at Bulli Hospital operates as part of the Geriatric Outpatient Therapy Unit. It is run by Dr Pearson, Dr Joshi, Dr Luo and Dr Langford.

What We Do

This outpatient program assists older people with chronic conditions manage their health and avoid hospital admission. The team provides comprehensive assessment of the patient’s physical and cognitive ability. They also provide support and advice for independent living.

How to access this service

A GP must make a referral for a patient to access the Geriatric Outpatient Clinic. 

Contact Information

Bulli Hospital (Rose Cottage)
Hospital Road
Bulli NSW 2516
02 4283 0626

Clinic days and hours vary. Please call the Clinic for more information.