Research Project Title Investigators Brief Project Description ISLHD Sites/Departments [External organisations]
ASCEND-ND Karumathil Murali, Hicham Cheikh Hassan, Donia George, Carmen Lemmon A phase 3 randomised, open label(sponsor blind), active controlled, par driven study in non dialysis subjects with anemia associated with chronic kidney disease to evaluate the safety, efficacy of daprodustat compared to darbepoetin alfa. Renal Medicine, Pharmacy Services, SEALS, Wollongong Hospital, Shellharbour Hospital
Canadian-Australasian Randomised Trial of Screening Kidney Transplant Recipients for Coronary Artery Disease Maureen Lonergan To investigate whether after screening for wait list entry, no cardiac screening tests is noninferior compared to the current standard care and whether to revascularise coronary stenoses in asymptomatic patients. Renal Medicine
Renal Health Pathways Mikki Smyth, Kelly Lambert, Steve Ellbbeson To investigate the association between the introduction of health pathways and referral quality to nephrology services. Renal Medicine
Renal Resistive Index and CRF Sarah Davis, Karumathil Murali, Kelly Lambert, David Huber Renal Resistive Index in assessment of risk and progression of Chronic Kidney Disease. Wollongong Hospital, Renal Medicine, CHRISP, South Coast Vascular Laboratory
The Australasian Registry of Rare and Genetic Kidney Disease Maureen Lonergan To establish a national patient registry for children and adults with kidney disease with an emphasis on rare (< 1 in 2000) and genetic diseases. Wollongong Hospital, Renal Medicine
Food as medicine. Safety of nuts in people with end stage kidney disease Kelly Lambert, Yasmine Probst, Elizabeth Neale, Martina Smith, Maureen Lonergan Can nuts be used safely to improve bowel health in people with end stage kidney disease? Renal Medicine, Nutrition and Dietetics; [IHMRI]
Peritoneal Dialysis - Patients Who Swim Anna Lee Looking at proportion of PD patients who swim and subsequently develop an exit site infection. Renal Medicine
Peritonitis as risk factor for cardiovascular events Hicham Hassan, Kelly Lambert, Kristen Hepburn, Maureen Lonergan, Judy Mullen, Brendan Mcalister Prospective study examining peritonitis as an independent risk factor for cardiovascular events in the peritoneal dialysis population in a tertiary referral centre. Renal Medicine,
Wollongong Hospital, Shellharbour Hospital, Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital,
Milton Ulladulla Hospital; [CHRISP]
TEACH-PD Anna Lee, Maureen Lonergan An investigator-initiated, single-armed, non-randomised, pilot study assessing the use of training modules for both PD nurse trainers and incident PD patients undertaking PD training. Renal Medicine, Wollongong Hospital; [Australian Kidney Trials Network]
Health Impacts Research Cluster (HIRC) 1 Kelly Lambert Systematic review of factors associated with the progression of kidney disease. Renal Medicine
PREVENT-ADPKD Jane Holt Randomised controlled trial to determine the feasibility, efficacy and safety of prescribed water intake to prevent kidney failure due to Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease. Wollongong Hospital, Renal Medicine
HIRC 3 Kelly Lambert, Maureen Lonergan, Karumathil Murali, Anna Lee, Shafiq Chowdhury, Hicham Hassan Explore factors associated with the development, progression and hospitalization of CKD in ISLHD residents. Renal Medicine; [University of Wollongong]
CKD-FIX Jane Holt, Mikki Smyth The CKD-FIX trial aims to find out whether treatment with allopurinol, a commonly used drug for gout prevention, safely and effectively slows CKD progression. Renal Medicine
HIRC 2 Kelly Lambert, Anna Lee, Mikki Smyth, Margreet Gutker To understand the perspectives and experiences of patients, carers, and health providers of CKD care to inform design of patient centered services. Renal Medicine; [University of Wollongong]
ASCEND-D for Dialysis Karumathil Murali, Hicham Hassan, Donia George, Carmen Lemmon A phase 3 randomised, open label (sponsor blind), active controlled, parallel group, multicentre, event driven study in dialysis subjects with anaemia associated with chronic kidney disease to evaluate the safety, efficacy of daprodustat compared recombinant human erythropoietin, following a switch from erythropoientin-simulating agents. Wollongong Hospital, Shellharbour Hospital, Renal Medicine, Pharmacy Department, South Eastern Area Laboratory Services
The Relationship Between Treatment Adherence and Cognitive Impairment Karumathi Murali, Melissa Magil This project aims to explore the relationship between cognitive function and adherence in CKD patients including those on dialysis after adjusting for potential confounders and evaluate strategies to improve adherence to therapies in this population. Wollongong hospital, Shellharbour Hospital, Sohalhaven District Memorial Hospital