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Other Services and Information: Wollongong Hospital

Wollongong Hospital Car Park

Wollongong Hospital Car Park offers paid car parking for patients, carers, visitors and staff, as well as dedicated parking for motorbikes and bicycles. Access the Hospital is via the lifts in the car park and the overhead walkway which joins the Hospital’s main entrance at Loftus Street.

The car park has two entry / exit points off Dudley Street and two entry / exit points off New Dapto Road. There are two automatic pay stations within the car park – Level P1 north (near the overhead bridge and lifts) and Level P1 south (in the new area). Credit card payment options are also available at all exit gates.

Wilson Parking manages the car park facility on behalf of Wollongong Hospital. For more information check information at car park entries or see Wilson Parking staff located on Level P2 north (in the old car park section).

Schedule of Fees:

First 15 minutes Free
< ¼ hr – 1 hr $6.70
1 hr – 2 hrs $9.90
2 hrs – 3 hrs $13.30
3 hrs – 4 hrs $15.50
4 hrs – 5 hrs $17.80
> 5hrs + $19.90
Maximum daily fee $19.90

Concessions are available - see below for information.

Concessional car parking fees in NSW public hospitals

NSW Health recognises the burden that regular or long term hospitalisation and/or treatment places on patients and their carers. Additional information is available on the NSW Health website: 

Concession parking rates are available for eligible patients and their carers who require regular or long term hospitalisation and/or treatment in all public hospital car parks in NSW where fees applied, which includes Wollongong Hospital.

Who is eligible for concessional car parking?

Patients and carers eligible to obtain concession rates when parked in public hospital car parks include:

  1. holders of a RMS issued Mobility Parking Scheme permit;
  2. holders of a Pensioner Concession Card;
  3. holders of a Gold Veterans Affairs Card;
  4. holders of a Health Care Card;
  5. ongoing cancer treatment patients;
  6. patients and their carers who are required to attend the hospital/facility for a course of treatment over a period of time greater than one week;
  7. patients and their carers attending more frequently than twice weekly, including carers of long term patients who visit frequently;
  8. cardiac rehabilitation education and exercise class attendees;
  9. daily dressing outpatients;
  10. health promotion education class attendees.

Others may be eligible. Please refer to Enquiries Desk at Wollongong Hospital Main Entrance, Loftus Street for more information.

How do you claim your concession rate?

Eligible patients, their carers, and holders of concession cards are required to present their parking ticket, photo identification and concession card or request for concessional rates at Wilson Car Park Office P2 north Multistorey Car Park prior to exiting the car park.

Duration Fee
0 – 3 hours Free
1 Exit only (Single visit tickets are valid for one entry and one exit only.) $5.50
3 day ticket (Frequent use tickets allow for multiple entries and exits to the Hospital Campus and are issued in 3-day and 7-day tickets) $11.10
7 day ticket (Frequent use tickets allow for multiple entries and exits to the Hospital Campus and are issued in 3-day and 7-day tickets) $22.20

Visit for further information on concessional parking at your local public hospital or download our app NSW Health hospital parking and directions on Google play or iTunes.

Eligible concession cards:
Identification must be in the form of the applicable government issued permit or card.