Shoalhaven Hospital Redevelopment

Your redeveloped Shoalhaven Hospital

The Shoalhaven Hospital Redevelopment will significantly improve healthcare services for residents of the Shoalhaven and provide upgraded health facilities and increase the capabilities of the current hospital.

The NSW Government has committed $438 million towards the redevelopment, with early work expected to start on site this year.

The region’s population is growing and people are living longer with chronic and complex illnesses. By 2031, the Shoalhaven catchment is forecast to grow 12%, with significantly faster population growth in the 70+ age groups.

To provide high quality, accessible healthcare for our growing population, we need a significantly larger hospital in both size and capability. The future hospital needs to be close to transport links and integrated with a wide range of health services to better serve the needs of our community now and into the future.

We also want to incorporate the lessons, the insights and the many breakthroughs we've made as a health service during COVID-19 to future-proof our services and the buildings that house them.

The hospital is planned to be redeveloped and expanded into the adjacent Nowra Park. The current hospital site provides the most suitable location in terms of closeness to amenities, public transport and associated facilities on site.

Over the past few years, significant investment has been made in Shoalhaven Hospital. In 2013, a $32 million purpose-built Cancer Care Centre was built and in 2014, a Sub-Acute Mental Health Unit was opened providing support, recovery and rehabilitation for the Shoalhaven community.

In 2020, an $11.8 million multi-deck car park was opened to provide safe and accessible parking for staff and the community.

The District has a vision that Shoalhaven Hospital will be able to operate at a greater complexity level and will be able to serve the majority of the Shoalhaven region health needs.

Upgrading the role of Shoalhaven Hospital means that less people will need to be transferred to Wollongong Hospital or to Sydney for services such as neurology/stroke, cardiology and complex surgeries.

The hospital will be part of a District network, supporting Milton Ulladulla Hospital, and is closely networked with Wollongong Hospital to access tertiary services.

To deliver that vision, the following has been planned for the future:

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  • Increased surgical capacity
  • Increased capacity in the Emergency Department
  • Enhanced Intensive Care Unit
  • Increased acute medical and aged care beds. Additional services will be introduced including cardiology specialist services, a catheterisation laboratory onsite and an enhanced Acute Stroke Unit.
  • Enhanced and expanded mental health services to include acute mental health onsite.
  • Expanded subacute rehabilitation care including inpatient unit, day hospital and increased outpatient rehabilitation facilities
  • Introduction of palliative care inpatient service
  • Expanded medical imaging presence on site in all existing modalities. MRI imaging and nuclear medicine will be introduced.
  • Expanded outpatient and ambulatory care clinic.

In December 2020, architects Conrad Gargett were appointed to progress with the designs of the redeveloped hospital.

Following the endorsement of the Clinical Services Plan in December 2020, the project is in the planning stage. A number of options for the placement and orientation of the redevelopment are being developed.  

More than 100 staff members have joined Project User Groups to provide input and feedback on the master plan. All user groups include consumer, Aboriginal and staff representatives, and in governance committees at all levels. Consumer and Aboriginal representatives work with the planning and hospital team as a voice for patients, carers and families, and are an important part of the redevelopment process. 

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