Specialist Palliative Care Inpatient Service - Illawarra


People with difficult symptoms resulting from a life-limiting illness are generally referred to the Specialist Community Palliative Care Service well before requiring a hospital stay. Palliative care patients can then be admitted directly from the community at the request of the Specialist Community Palliative Care team. Alternatively, palliative care patients from another hospital can be transferred to Bulli Hospital Palliative Care Unit.

A hospital stay in the Bulli Hospital Palliative Care Unit may be required when:

  • patients are needing extra care and monitoring of troubling symptoms,
  • patients approaching end-of-life cannot be cared for at home, or
  • a short term break is needed for the caregiver.

It is important to remember that hospital is not an appropriate long term option for people who have stable symptoms. For most people, home or an aged care facility may be more appropriate option for people with well managed symptoms.

However, some patients prefer to receive their end of life care in hospital, with medical support and 24-hour nursing care.

A Palliative Care Unit is a good option for people with high care needs and limited carer support.

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