Information for Patients

A clinical trial is a research study designed to test new treatments, investigations or devices with an aim to improve people’s health through identifying safe treatments with minimal side effects and maximal response rates.

Is there a trial available for my cancer?

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We have a number of clinical trials across the major tumour streams, this can be dependent upon the stage and type of tumour. If you are interested in taking part in a clinical trial and would like some more information or to find out if there is one available for you, please contact our Clinical Trials team:

T: 02 4253 4384


What will happen before the trial commences?

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During a clinical trial you are likely to have close contact and support from one of our research nurses. Before the trial, the research nurse will help to explain the trial requirements to you including the treatment drug, schedule and any tests that may be required (eg blood tests, CT scans or other imaging scans etc) to determine whether you meet the guidelines for entry into the study.

It is important to note that participating in a clinical trial can involve having additional tests done and may require extra visits to the hospital or GP. Every study is different so the study team will help you to understand all of this information before you say whether you want to take part in the trial.

What happens during the trial?

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Upon commencing treatment the nurse will monitor your progress regularly, coordinate study specific tests required and complete any study related documentation required by the researcher.

Will there be any requirements after treatment is finished?

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When study treatment finishes, there is usually an active follow up period during which time you may be asked to undergo more tests and provide information that will help researchers understand how the treatment has affected you.