Infectious Diseases

Research Project Title Investigators Brief Project Description ISLHD Sites/Departments [External organisations]
Impact of Pseudomonas sensitivities on Antimicrobial Stewardship and antibiotic prescribing Kwee Chin Liew, Peter Newton, Spiros Miyakis Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from sputum cultures do not always require treatment, often representing chronic airways colonisation. By releasing sputum P. aeruginosa antimicrobial susceptibility results, only after specific phone request by treating doctors, we aimed to reduce use of ciprofloxacin without compromising clinical outcomes. Microbiology Laboratory
Penicillin Susceptible Staphylococcus aureus (PSSA) Bacteraemia: Epidemiology and Treatment Outcomes Niladri Ghosh   Infectious Diseases, Microbiology Laboratory, Research Central
CAMERA 2 Trial Niladri Ghosh RCT investigating combination antibiotic therapy for MRSA. Infectious Diseases; [Newcastle Health]
Beta-lactam allergy and antibiotic prescribing Kerry Watts, Spiros Miyakis, and Niladri Ghosh Impact of beta-lactam allergy on antibiotic prescribing. Pharmacy Services, Infectious Diseases
Diabetic foot infections Omar Shum, Spiros Miyakis Managing diabetic foot infections by Australian Infectious Diseases Physicians. Infectious Diseases, Wollongong Hospital; [Darwin Health Care]
Antimicrobial usage and outcomes Kwee Chin Liew Antimicrobial usage and outcomes following laboratory suppression of antimicrobial susceptibility results for Pseudomonas aeruginosa in sputum cultures. Microbiology, Wollongong Hospital, Shellharbour Hospital, Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital
MERINO 2 Trial Spiros Miyakis Controlled trial of merepenem vs piperacillin-tazobactam for definitive treatment of bloodstream infections caused by AmpC beta-lactamase. Infectious Diseases; [Brisbane Health]
Antimicrobial Resistance Global Challenges: the evolving threat and impact to the Illawarra Shoalhaven population – a service utilisation perspective Spiros Miyakis, Antoine van Oijen Mitchell Byrne Janaye Fish, Sebastien Miellet Peter Newton Simeon Crawford, Judy Mullan, Brendan McAlister This project aims to examine the relationship between AMR, and, patient healthcare service utilisation and clinical outcomes within an inpatient setting across the Illawarra Shoalhaven region. It is hypothesized that AMR is associated with higher utilization of health care resources and with poorer outcomes. Infectious Diseases, Psychology, Pathology; [University of Wollongong, CHRISP]
The threat and impact of antimicrobial resistance across the Illawarra Shoalhaven population – trends and evolution of multi-resistant organisms Spiros Miyakis, Antoine van Oijen Mitchell Byrne Janaye Fish Sebastien Miellet Peter Newton Simeon Crawford, Steven Andersen, Andrew Bowen This project aims to identify the trends in antimicrobial resistance over a 10 year period across the Illawarra Shoalhaven region. Infectious Diseases Department, Psychology Department, Pathology, WARRA, NSW Health Pathology; [Southern IML, University of Wollongong]