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Palliative Care Allied Health team members provide extra support to patients and families when receiving palliative care. 'Allied Health' refers to the parts of care which is given alongside the medical and nursing care given by doctors and nurses. Support can be given at home or in the hospital.

There are a number of specialised staff available. These include:

Occupational Therapist supporting your independence with day to day tasks and activities; reducing risk of pressure sores; advice on managing energy levels; prescribing equipment and organising small changes to your home to make life easier (eg handrails)
Physiotherapist supporting your safe movement inside and outside your home environment; advice regarding equipment aids that will help you move more easily; prescribe exercise programs and advice on dealing with symptoms (eg pain, breathing problems)
Social worker providing confidential counselling, as well as practical and emotional support and information to you and your family. Social workers can help with family conversations and planning for the future (Advance Care Planning); support families with young children; provide ongoing grief and loss counselling and other supports; provide advice about services that can help with financial, and legal issues, or home help.
Dietitian providing advice on what to eat and drink when you are feeling sick, have a sore mouth, find it hard to swallow or don’t feel hungry. Understanding how much food and fluid is ‘enough’ when you don’t feel hungry is a common problem. They provide advice on nutritional supplements.
Speech Pathologist providing support if you find it hard to communicate or swallow. This may require specialised equipment or advice about chewing and swallowing that prevents coughing, choking or discomfort.
Allied Health Assistant providing support with a wide range of tasks including delivery and set up of loan equipment.

Patients can receive support from one of more of these staff, depending on their needs.

Contact Information

NOTE: Referrals to the Specialist Palliative Care Allied Health team can only be made for clients already linked to the Specialist Palliative Care Service.

Email new referrals to:

For URGENT referrals call 1300 792 755.