Hospital Visiting Hours during COVID-19

The Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District has implemented restrictions on visiting hospital patients to help to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

Do not visit patients in hospital if you are unwell or have been tested for COVID and are awaiting results.


  • Anyone who comes to hospital will need to wear a mask. It is recommended you bring your own mask. Supply of masks will be prioritised for staff and patients. Details on how to wear your mask.
  • As part of the screening process, anyone entering the hospital will be asked if they have  visited any of the venues on the Latest COVID-19 case locations in NSW list at the specified dates and times. If so, they will not be able to visit the hospital until 14 days have passed since they were there. This list is being regularly updated and we are asking the community to review the list, which is available on the NSW Government website, before attending the hospital.
  • All visitors to ISLHD facilities must provide their contact details as part of the screening process. Visitors will also be asked to record the name of the patient they are visiting and the location within the hospital, if known. A QR code is available for contactless, self-registration using a smart phone. Pen and paper check in sheets are available for visitors who don’t have a smartphone. See more info here.

The restricted hours for essential visits to patients (effective 24 July 2020) are:

General Wards

  • Visiting hours are between 11:00am to 1:00pm and 5:00pm to 7:00pm.
  • One adult visitor is allowed in each visiting session for each patient.
  • It is preferable that an individual does not stay with a patient for longer than two hours, therefore it is recommended that the same person does not visit in both sessions in one day.
  • Two visitors at a time are permitted if an adult is accompanying a child during business hours.

Emergency Department

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One visitor is permitted to accompany a patient, if their presence is necessary.

Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to accompany a patient in the Emergency Department. The Nurse-in-Charge may modify this in exceptional circumstances.

COVID-19 and COVID-19 results-pending patients

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No visitors.  

Non-COVID End of Life patients

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Where a patient is receiving end of life care, visitors are limited to the extent necessary to minimise risk.

Birthing and Maternity

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Birthing Unit

Two support people with no time restriction during labour.

Maternity Ward

  • The partner/support person is able to visit for unrestricted periods between 8:00am and 8:00pm
  • Up to two visitors at any one time during general hospital visiting hours from 11:00am-1:00pm and 5:00pm-7:00pm (please note: if the partner/support person is also in attendance they count as one person for the purpose of the two visitor limit)
  • Children under 16 years are able to visit, however are also counted in the two visitor limit, and must be accompanied at all times by an adult
  • Neonatal Unit allows both parents / carers with no restrictions on length of visit.

Paediatrics (Children's Ward)

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Both parents/carers at any one time, with no restrictions on length of visit


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Visitors with physical and/or cognitive impairment will be considered on a case basis via the nursing team.