Palliative Care

When an illness cannot be cured, Palliative Care is available to help manage distressing or complex symptoms and provide support. Palliative Care works with existing care teams such as GPs and other specialists, to provide comfort and quality of life while you get on with living.

Palliative Care staff assess patient and carer needs, and take notice of their personal wishes and goals for care.

Palliative Care teams include doctors, nurses, allied health staff, social workers and volunteers. All services are free of charge.

They provide:

  • regular assessments and treatments to target symptoms such as pain, nausea, breathlessness and anxiety
  • support for physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs
  • access to specialist support in any ISLHD hospital, residential aged care facility or at home
  • access to loan equipment to care safely at home
  • access to after-hours support
  • ongoing professional and volunteer support to family members and carers.

Palliative Care services at David Berry Hospital

Specialist Palliative Care Equipment Loan Pool - Shoalhaven
David Berry Hospital
02 4464 6948
Specialist Palliative Care Inpatient Service - Karinya Palliative Care Unit
David Berry Hospital
02 4464 6928
Volunteer Services - Shoalhaven
David Berry Hospital
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Volunteers - Join The Shoalhaven Palliative Care Team
David Berry Hospital
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