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HealthRoster – Employee Online (EOL)

Employee Online (EOL) is the online self-service function in HealthRoster which gives staff the ability to view their past, present and future published rosters from any computer with a compatible browser, including from home. It gives employees the ability to check that their roster accurately reflects hours worked and includes any overtime and penalties, as well as any leave taken. 

This is important as staff are paid according to the hours and leave recorded in HealthRoster. One of the biggest benefits of EOL is the ability to check that worked shifts are correct prior to paying.  It is recommended that staff log in to EOL on the Friday (or Sunday if they work weekends) before pay week and ensure that the current fortnight is correctly reflecting the hours they worked, this is particularly useful for 24/7 rostered staff. If there is a discrepancy they need to contact their manager ASAP so the correction can be made, and we can pay them correctly.


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