Spinal Clinic - Port Kembla Hospital


The Spinal Clinic at Port Kembla Hospital is for clients who have a spinal cord injury, spina bifida or disease related process that impedes function with a neurological deficit.

The clinic is staffed by a rehabilitation physician and a rehabilitation nurse. The aim of the service is to provide specialised care to assist in keeping clients with a SCI out of hospital, healthy and well.

The Spinal Clinic runs twice a month on a Wednesday, 9:30am-12:00pm. A GP Referral is required.

What to expect

You will be seen by the rehabilitation physician.

Consultations times usually take 20-30mins

First visit

  • Assessment-initial assessment of overall function, mobility, pressure injury risk, seating, bladder and bowel function, wounds and pain
  • Support and counselling for both client and carers or referrals to appropriate clinicians
  • Routine health screening and recommendation for required tests particular to spinal cord injury.

Subsequent visits - 6mthly to 12mthly

  • Routine health screening and recommendation for required tests particular to spinal cord injury
  • Follow-up on issues particular to spinal cord injury
  • Symptom management and control
  • Referral to other clinicians/allied health as required.

Contact Information

Port Kembla Hospital Outpatients Department
89-91 Cowper Street
Warrawong NSW 2502
02 4223 8201

How to get there

Port Kembla hospital is located on Cowper Street. Pedestrians can access the hospital from the main entrance on Cowper street.

There is a bus stop located close to the hospital with the following services available-Premier Illawarra 52, 53 and 54.


Parking is available at the front of the Rehabilitation Outpatients Department - limited spaces are available. Further parking and disabled spots are available at the rear of the Hospital, accessed via Fairfax Road.

Advice for disabled accessing the service

There are disabled parking spots in the car park. The drop off zone at the front door of the hospital can be accessed via the entrance on Cowper Street.

Wheelchair accessible rooms and toilets in the building.