Birthing Unit - Shoalhaven Hospital


The Birthing Unit is a triage for obstetric care from 20 weeks gestation. The philosophy of the birthing unit is to encourage active birthing and where possible continuity of care. There are options for birth including water births.

What we do

Shoalhaven Hospital can plan to deliver babies from 37 weeks gestation.

When to access this service

Women who are 20 weeks or more can phone the Birthing Unit at any time for advice on any concerns during their pregnancy and the midwives will advise a course of action.

What to expect

Midwifery care of you and partner whilst in labour. Obstetric care if there are any problems or having an Elective Caesarean Section.

Who should access this service

Women living in the Shoalhaven and Milton/Ulladulla area.

How to access this service (referrals or no referral necessary)

All women need to have booked into the service through a booking appointment at the Antenatal clinic. If you are unbooked and have a pregnancy problem over 20weeks contact the Birthing Unit by phone. If an emergency then present to the Birthing Unit with as much information as possible.

What to bring

To birth at the hospital you will need toiletries, maternity pads, night wear, clean clothes to change into and an outfit, nappies and bunny rug for the baby.


Need an Interpreter? Professional interpreters are available if you need help to communicate with staff. Our staff can also ask for an interpreter. The service is free and confidential. We will book the interpreter for you. You can also call the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450 if you need to speak to us before your appointment. Click here for more information about the Illawarra Health Care Interpreter Service.


Contact Information

Scenic Drive, NOWRA NSW 2541
02 4423 9240

The Birthing Unit is open 24 hours, 7 days per week.

Parking and  Public Transport

Driving is the best option as there is no direct public transport to the hospital. There is a train service to Bomaderry which is a 30 min walk to the hospital, there are buses from the Bomaderry station and there are buses from other destinations in the Shoalhaven though they run infrequently.

There is hospital parking and street parking.