Hepatitis C Treatment

Treatment for Hepatitis C has improved greatly and has never been easier.

  • Cure rates are now around 97%.
  • Treatment duration is a short as 8 weeks.
  • There a few to no side effects.
  • Treatment is free * only pay the cost to fill a script.
Step 1 Make an appointment to see your doctor today! 
Your doctor will ask you some questions and will order some blood tests to see if you have got Hep C.
Step 2 Discuss your test results! 
Your doctor will explain the test results to you and may order more tests, ultrasound that looks at the health of your liver. Your doctor will discuss treatment options with you and will write you a script.
Step 3 Take your script to a pharmacy near you! 
It may take a couple of days for a pharmacy to order the medication in for you, so please plan ahead.
Step 4 Take your medication every day until finished! 
It is important to take your medication every day until finished.
Step 5 Follow up with your doctor or nurse! 
Book an appointment to see if you are Hepatitis C free!

To make an appointment, call 1300 652 226 or visit our service during opening hours.