Oncology Pharmacy - Shoalhaven Hospital


The Oncology Pharmacy (within the Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre) provides medicines for patients being treated at the Shoalhaven and Milton Cancer Care Centres.

When to access this service

When you need a supply of medicines as an inpatient, at discharge or for specialist medications as an outpatient.  The pharmacy does not supply medicines that you would normally obtain from your local community pharmacy.

What to expect

If you are receiving treatment at the Shoalhaven Oncology Day Care Unit or the Milton Oncology Day Care Unit, we will organise for your treatments to be available for your scheduled appointment.

If you attend an outpatient clinic at the Shoalhaven Cancer Centre you may be asked to collect medicines from the Oncology Pharmacy. We can also arrange collection of medicines from Milton Oncology Day Care Unit if this is more convenient.

Please be aware that many cancer medicines require extra checks and approvals before they can be dispensed.  This may mean you have to wait longer for some prescriptions.  Some medicines need to be ordered in specially. The Pharmacy staff will advise you if that is the case for your prescription.

Please feel free to ask us about your medicines.

What to bring

It is important for both planned and unplanned visits to hospital that you bring your current medications with you or an up-to-date medication list.

If you are accessing the pharmacy for outpatient prescriptions you should bring your Medicare card; any pension, concession or healthcare card; and any PBS safety net card.

Collecting a prescription

No appointment is necessary for the pharmacy departments providing an outpatient service.  If you are collecting a regular prescription please call us in advance so we can get it ready for you to collect. This will reduce the time you have to wait.

Contact Information

Oncology Pharmacy Department
Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre
Corner Scenic Drive and North Street
Nowra NSW 2541
02 4428 7510

9:00am to 4:00pm


The Oncology Pharmacy is located on the first floor of the Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre - at the top of the stairs, directly opposite the lift, next to the Oncology Day Care Unit.

Short stay parking spaces are located on Scenic Drive.

There is a regular bus service from Bomaderry Train Station with bus stops outside the Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital on both Shoalhaven Street and Scenic Drive.

Advice for disabled getting to the service

The Cancer Care Pharmacy is on the first floor of the Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre, directly opposite the lift