Podiatry Foot Wound Clinic - Shoalhaven Hospital


What the service is

Outpatient Podiatry Service (Foot Wound Clinic) 

What we do

  • Wound care, including wound debridement, dressing, offloading and immobilisation
  • Wound care for surgical foot wounds eg after amputation
  • Management of acute Charcot Neuroarthropathy

When to access this service

If you have a foot wound or foot infection or acute Charcot Neuroarthropathy

What to expect

Priority is given to clients with a current foot/lower limb ulceration, or acute Charcot Neuroarthropathy. 

At your first appointment the podiatrist will assess you and provide advice about future care, which may include recommending alternate podiatry services.
Initial appointments are generally up to 90 mins, follow-up appointments for 30-60 mins

Who should access this service

A client who has a current foot/lower limb ulceration, or acute Charcot Neuroarthropathy

How to access this service

  • GP or other health service provider referral is required.
  • Referral is to be faxed to the Podiatry Department at SDMH
  • Clients who meet the admission criteria will be offered an appointment
  • Clients who don’t meet the admission criteria will be advised of alternate services

What to bring

  • list of medications, 
  • past medical history, 
  • any relevant recent blood tests, 
  • any relevant recent imaging results, 
  • the footwear you wear most of the time

Contact Information

Podiatry Clinic
Shoalhaven Hospital
2 Shoalhaven Street
Nowra NSW 2541
02 4428 7598

Monday to Friday
Business hours

How to get there, including by public transport

Either by car or bus services are available

For more information on transport options for Shoalhaven Hospital or visit NSW Public Hospital Parking and Directions website or download the HosPark App from App Store or Google Play

Car parking

Available on site

Advice for disabled in getting to the service

Disabled parking spaces are available outside of the outpatients department

Additional information

If the ulcer or infection deteriorates while you are on the waiting list, please present to your local GP or Emergency Department