Social Work Department - Bulli Hospital


Provision of Social Work to referred patients for:

  • Inpatient rehabilitation
  • Inpatient palliative care
  • Day Rehabilitation Program
  • Community palliative care

There are also Social Workers located within ITACS, IBIS, Sexual Health, First Step program and Carers Program.

What we do

Patients/clients are seen by social workers to assess the impact of their medical condition and treatment on their emotional /psychological functioning, on their relationships, housing, finances and employment. 

Social Workers will endeavour to address any issues arising either in supportive counselling, providing information, advocating to medical staff the nature of the psycho/social issues or by referring the patient and/or their relatives and carers on to appropriate community services.

When to access this service

When you have a new condition or a change in your current condition, wellbeing or social situation you may require Social Work input to support you and your family. Social Work can also assist in times of crisis.

What to expect

Your referral will be processed as soon as possible. You will meet with a Social Worker who will complete a psychosocial assessment assisting to identify areas of need/support and work out a care plan.

Who should access this service

People who are on a ward at Bulli Hospital, or families and carers of a person who is an inpatient at Bulli Hospital, people referred to the Day Rehab Program, Community Palliative Care team, ITACS, IBIS, Sexual Health, First Step Program or the Carers Program.

How to access this service (referrals or no referral necessary)

Ask your nurse or doctor or Allied Health Professional to refer you to social work. Or Contact social work directly through hospital enquiries: (02) 4223 8000


Contact Information

Bulli Hospital
22 Hospital Road
Bulli NSW 2516
02 4223 8000

8:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 4:30pm