Neonatal Services


Neonatal Services at Wollongong Hospital includes a Level 4 Neonatal Unit. We care for Neonates born prematurely from 32 weeks gestation. We provide care and support for Neonates with respiratory problems after birth using Bubble CPAP, high flow oxygen and short term ventilation. We provide emergency resuscitation for Neonates throughout the hospital who require support.

When to access this service

Neonatal services are accessible 24 hours per day for Neonates throughout the hospital who require support.

What to expect

Babies get admitted under a paediatrician who looks after them while they are in hospital. They may make a request for another paediatrician to take over while they are away on leave. Visitors with infectious diseases will not be allowed into the unit.

Who should access this service

Any babies that have been seen by the paediatric doctors and have been deemed to be unwell and need admission into the Neonatal Unit.

How to access this service (referrals or no referral necessary)

Consult is done by the ED physician and Paediatric medical officer will review baby. Nursing staff from birthing unit, Theatres and postnatal ward can also escalate issues to paediatric medical officer to review baby who will then make a decision to admit baby into the Neonatal Unit.

What to bring

Parents can bring their baby clothes, nappies and wipes. Parents can bring their food if they are going to spend the whole day at the bedside. Tea and coffee is provided.


Contact Information

Level 2 Block C, Wollongong Hospital, Loftus Street WOLLONGONG NSW 2500
02 4253 4248

Open to admissions 24 hours a day.


Wollongong Hospital Carpark - Access to the North and South Carpark entrances via New Dapto Road or Dudley Street.

Lifts available to get to level 2 Neonatal unit