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Family of five

Kids and Families

Baby smilingThree childrenThe Division of Kids and Families is responsible for the provision of health services for children and their families from the ages of 0 to 16.

Paediatric services provided throughout the ISLHD include: acute hospital based care, emergency care, neonatal care and outpatient medical clinics.

Child and Family community-based services provided throughout the ISLHD include: Child and Family Health Nursing clinics and home visits, Allied Health and Diagnostic Assessment specialities, in addition to Aboriginal, maternal infant and child services and family care centres,  child protection and wellbeing, and a variety of groups across the services.

Interpreters are available free of charge as required. 

Acknowledgement of Country video - ISLHD Child and Families staff developed a unique Acknowledgement of Country - the result of an Aboriginal education workshop held at a staff Network Gathering.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our services have changed as a response to COVID-19. All our services are still available but how we deliver them will be different. You will first get a phone call from a health worker who will get as many details as possible. They will then work with you will develop a plan to address your needs. This could include further phone calls, telehealth (video conferencing) or a face to face appointment. Whatever the  plan is, the health worker will explain what to expect and the outcomes of the follow up. We are planning innovative ways for you to receive information and support. Below are the contact details for our Child and Family health services. This is where regular notices and information will be posted. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your local health worker. 

Kids and Families services at Wollongong Hospital

Neonatal Unit - Wollongong Hospital
Wollongong Hospital
02 4253 4247
Paediatric Assessment Unit
Wollongong Hospital
02 4222 5133
Wollongong Hospital Paediatrics
Wollongong Hospital
02 4222 5210
Paediatric EEG Outpatient Clinic - Wollongong Hospital
Wollongong Hospital
02 4222 5862
Paediatric Medical Staff Specialist Outpatients Clinic - Wollongong Hospital
Wollongong Hospital
02 4222 5862