Consumer Peer Workforce - Illawarra


What the service is

Consumer Peer Workers share their experiences of Mental Health Recovery.

What we do

Consumer Peer Workers (CPW) can support Mental Health Service (MHS) consumers while they are in hospital. They can work with consumers if they are using MHS community or rehabilitation services.

CPW are happy to sit with MHS consumers and listen to their needs. They can talk to consumers about:

  • mental health recovery,
  • the Mental Health Service,
  • consumer rights and responsibilities, and
  • the NSW Mental Health Act.

A CPW can help MHS consumers by:

  • providing support with the Mental Health Review Tribunal,
  • speaking to staff with or for the consumer,
  • assisting a consumer planning to leave hospital,
  • helping a consumer to connect with their community, and
  • assisting them complete their Consumer Wellness or Safety Plans.

A CPW may do some physical exercise or activities with the consumers; and they will also ask for consumer feedback about how the Mental Health Service meets consumer needs. This may be through:

  • the ‘Yes Survey’,
  • focus groups,
  • evaluation forms, and
  • consultation about key mental health documents.

Who should access this service

The Consumer Peer Workforce is available to all consumers of the Mental Health Service (in the community or in MHS inpatient units).

Contact Information

1800 011 511
02 4220 7917

Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays):  8:30am to 5:00pm

Phone numbers for Consumer Peer Worker Illawarra General Enquiries:
02 4220 7917          or          02 4295 2314