Child and Family Occupational Therapy - Kids Cottage Warilla


What the service is

The Child and Family Occupational Therapy team is a community based paediatric service, which forms part of the Child and Family Allied Health Team. The Child and Family Occupational Therapy Team are located across three sites in the District. 

What we do

Child and Family Occupational Therapists assess and provide intervention to children, young people, and their families to help them participate in everyday activities. This may involve increasing independence and skill with self-care tasks (dressing, feeding, toileting), fine motor skills (holding a pencil, cutting), play skills, handwriting skills, sensory (responding appropriately to things in the environment, such as noise), and attention and concentration. The service is predominantly centre-based, with occasional school and home visits conducted where indicated for children with physical access needs.

When to access this service

  • If you or a teacher are concerned about your child’s abilities or performance in the areas mentioned. 
  • If your child is concerned about their ability, or becomes frustrated when attempting these tasks. 
  • If your child avoids difficult tasks. 

What to expect

An initial assessment will be completed to ascertain your child’s strengths and areas of need, and to discuss areas of concern. If indicated, your child may receive therapy sessions to address identified goals. The service works within a limited session model, therefore parent training is an integral part of the service provided.  

Who should access this service

Children aged 0-18 years who have an occupational therapy need who live in Shellharbour and Kiama areas are able to access the service. 

How to access this service

Parents/carers can self-refer. A referral from a GP is not required. 

What to bring

Relevant reports that pertain to your child’s development e.g. paediatrician reports, school reports.

Kids Cottage Warilla

Kids Cottage Warilla offers a range of Child and Family services

Contact Information

Kids Cottage Warilla
1/10 Belfast Ave
Warilla NSW 2528
02 4233 3150

8.00am – 4.30pm
Monday to Friday,

Closed on Public holidays

How to get there, including by public transport

A number of buses stop in locations that are close to Kids Cottage, please refer to local bus timetables for available routes.

Car parking

Parking available on grounds and nearby streets

Additional information for accessing the service

A drop off zone and disabled parking is available at the front entrance.