Child and Family Physiotherapy - Nowra Family Care Centre


What the service is

Paediatric community-based Physiotherapy. 

What we do

Paediatric physiotherapy works with a child's support network including families and carers to provide assessment and advice for infants and children with movement, balance, posture, coordination, motor control and musculoskeletal alignment concerns. 

When to access this service

If you or your health professional have concerns about your child's motor development and control. 

How to access this service 

Make a referral by phoning our service. A team member will contact you when able to offer an appointment. Wait times vary and will be approximate only. 

What to bring 

Referral if you have one. 

Any previous home exercise programs or information. 

What to expect

  • Initial assessment either face to face or through a virtual care platform, with provision of advice on how to help your child achieve their movement goals in their environment (at home, pre-school or school). 
  • Review, or referral to other more appropriate services if indicated
  • Our Child and Family physiotherapists are trained to assess and support parents and carers with infants and children. 

Things to note

  • Services are limited and appointments are not available everyday. You are encouraged to accept and attend appointments offered if all participants are well. Rescheduling can result in extended waiting times. 
  • Wait times are variable. 
  • Services are prioritised, and at times, services may be limited to children under 6 years of age. 

Other available options 

Nowra Family Care Centre

Nowra Family Care Centre offers a range of Child and Family services.

Contact Information

Nowra Family Care Centre
66 Berry Street
Nowra NSW 2541
02 4424 6460

The centre is open Monday to Friday
8.30am – 5.00pm

Closed on Public holidays

How to get there, including by public transport

Nearest bus stop is Stewarts Place about 350 meters from the centre

Car parking

Parking available on grounds and nearby streets

Advice for disabled in getting to the service

A drop off zone and disabled parking is available at the front entrance.