Podiatry - Helensburgh Community Health Centre


What the service is

Outpatient Clinic

What we do

  • General podiatry care and advice for high risk feet, 
  • Diabetic foot assessments, 
  • Wound care, including wound debridement, dressing, and offloading 

What to expect

Priority is given to clients with a current foot/lower limb ulceration, or a history of foot/lower limb ulceration.

At your first appointment the podiatrist will assess you and provide advice about future care, which may include recommending alternate podiatry services.
Initial appointments are generally 60 mins, follow-up appointments for 30 mins

Who should access this service

  • A client who has a current foot/lower limb ulceration, or Charcot arthropathy 
  • A client who has  a history of previous ulceration, amputation or Charcot arthropathy
  • A client who has peripheral neuropathy or peripheral vascular disease and foot deformity or other factors which affect self-care ability and is unable to access private podiatry.
  • A client who has high podiatric needs and is unable to access private podiatry services

How to access this service

Referral from a GP or other health service provider is helpful but not essential

What to bring

  • list of medications, 
  • medical history, 
  • any relevant recent blood tests, 
  • any relevant recent imaging results, 
  • the footwear you wear most of the time

Contact Information

Helensburgh Community Health Centre,
26 Walker Street,
Helensburgh NSW 2508
02 4294 8044

Clinic held once per month, usually on a Wednesday

How to get there, including by public transport

Bus stop is located on Lilyvale Street 

Car parking

Short period car parking can be found on Walker Street as well as the road perpendicular to the Health Centre on Lilyvale Street 

Advice for disabled in getting to the service

Disability car parking can be found on Walker Street

Our Staff

Head of Discipline - Podiatry

Fiona Leo is the Podiatry Head of Discipline for ISLHD.  She has over 20 years’ experience and leads a small team of dedicated podiatrists providing podiatry treatment, including wound care, across the District. Most of the ISLHD podiatry services are provided in the outpatient or community setting.