Stomal Therapy - Illawarra area


The stomal therapy service supports people who live in the Illawarra area who have a stoma. This includes colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy.

What we do

The service provides clinical advice as well as ongoing support to enable the person with a stoma to adjust with the changes this brings.

This can be provided face-to-face or via a phone call.

The service also provides information and education for people anticipating stoma surgery.

When to access this service

  • When you have a new or existing stoma.
  • Review for skin or stoma concerns.
  • Ongoing support in resuming normal activity with a stoma including return to work, social, recreational activities and intimacy.

What to expect

You will be seen by a Stoma Nurse who will examine your stoma and skin. You will be asked questions about your usual routine. You will be advised as to how you can look after your skin/stoma.

Who should access this service

Anyone with a faecal or urinary stoma.

How to access this service

Phone for appointment on 0414 421 021 or email

What to bring to your appointment

A spare stoma bag and any accessories you use.

Contact Information

Ambulatory Care
Wollongong Hospital
Loftus St
Wollongong NSW 2500
0414 421 021

Monday to Friday Clinic: Tuesday and Thursday afternoon


Parking is available in the hospital car park or on the street. 

Interpreter service

Please advise if you need an interpreter so this can be arranged.