GP Antenatal Shared Care

Shared pregnancy care with your GPThe Antenatal Shared Care Program supports your GP to see you through your pregnancy. It is a model of care for you to be able to see your own trusted GP for most of your pregnancy visits. The Shared Care model includes a small number of visits to the hospital as well so we can keep up-to-date with your results until you come to us to birth your baby at Wollongong or at Shoalhaven hospitals.

 GPs who are involved in 'GP Antenatal Shared Care' have regular education with specialists from around our district and are able to quickly liaise with doctors and midwives at Wollongong and Shoalhaven hospitals if they have concerns about your care.

 Ask your GP if they participate and if you are eligible to share your visits between your GP and the hospital.

 Some GPs work beside midwives in their practice to offer additional services and education.

What some women say about their Shared Care experience:

"I'm so happy I can see my GP. She answers all of my questions and does a thorough check every time I visit. I love hearing the baby while we talk." Janet, Nowra

"I have a midwife who works with my GP. It's such a great service, I'm never rushed out and they always support me, especially when I come back with my new baby." Heather, Shellharbour

"I was surprised to find out that I could continue to see my GP when I had GDM. I was so happy, this is my third pregnancy and I have been on Shared Care for all of my pregnancies." Rachel, Woonona

Can I see my GP?

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Women who have a low risk pregnancy are able to be involved in GP Antenatal Shared Care.

Most GPs in the Illawarra Shoalhaven District are associated with our Shared Care program.

Please ask your GP whether they are involved.

If they would like to participate, they can email the GP Liaison midwife at Wollongong or Shoalhaven Region here:

What are the benefits of seeing a GP?

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The benefits for you having Antenatal Shared Care with your own GP are:

- flexibility and choice of your trusted GP

- continuity of care for your pregnancy as you see one person for most of your care

- seeing your own GP means that your cultural needs can be catered for

- communication is available between your GP and the hospital doctors and midwives

- your GP is regularly updated with changes in current evidence-based care for pregnancy

- some GPs have midwives in their surgeries for you to see as well

What does my visit schedule look like?

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Most women can be involved in Shared Care. Your GP can give you more information on whether you are eligible.

Visits for GP Antenatal Shared Care look like this:

Early pregnancy- your GP will give you an antenatal record card (also known as your YELLOW CARD).

You will be given a referral form and results from early blood tests and ultrasounds.

Then, you call the hospital antenatal clinic to book into your first hospital visit (due around 12 weeks):

Wollongong - Ph.4253 4284

Shoalhaven - Ph. 4429 2929

Milton-Ulladulla - Ph. 4454 9116

*Important* Please bring your yellow card (antenatal record card) and any test results to ALL your visits as the hospital and your GP will communicate through this card.


The schedule for your visits will be slightly different depending on the hospital your attend or your medical background.

The midwife at your history appointment will be able to tell you more.

What happens if my GP is away?

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Most GP surgeries have more than one GP who is part of the GP Antenatal Shared Care program.

If your GP is away, you may choose to see one of the other GPs in that surgery if they are a "Shared Care" GP.

If there is no Shared Care GP working in that surgery, please come to the hospital to see a midwife or our hospital doctors.

Call the Antenatal Clinic to book an appointment:

Wollongong: Ph.4253 4256 or Ph.4253 4284

Shoalhaven - Ph. 4429 2929

Milton-Ulladulla - Ph. 4454 9116

Free on-line pre-natal classes

Need an Interpreter? Professional interpreters are available if you need help to communicate with staff. Our staff can also ask for an interpreter. The service is free and confidential. We will book the interpreter for you. You can also call the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450 if you need to speak to us before your appointment. Click here for more information about the Illawarra Health Care Interpreter Service.