Whole of Family Team


What the service is

The Whole of Family Team is a specialist health service.  Our clinicians have experience in working with a range of issues including mental health, drug and alcohol, family counselling, parenting support, and child and adolescent issues.

What we do

The Whole of Family Team (WFT) are involved with families where there have been serious safety concerns for the children; and the agents/carers are willing to work with the WFT to make positive changes. The WFT can work intensively with families, together with the referring services, for up to 6 months, following an assessment period of 4 to 6 weeks.

The WFT work with parents and carers who want to be positive and effective parents; and this can occur in the consumer’s home, the WFT office, or other community settings. The team works with families to get a strong understanding of the needs of each family member, and develop agreed goals.

What to expect

The team will work with your family to get a strong understanding of the needs of each family member. In this way we can work together to develop agreed goals which will cover the following areas: safety, family strengths and difficulties, mental health, alcohol and other drugs, assessing the needs of children in the family, parenting, and relationships within the family.

The WFT work with you to find new ways to create a safe and respectful home.

Who should access this service

Access to the WFT service is only through a referral from Family and Community Services where the children have reached ROSH (risk of significant harm).

How to access this service

The WFT service is only accessed through the Family and Community Service (FACS).

Contact Information

Whole of Family Team
Mental Health Service
49 Worrigee Street
Nowra NSW 2541
Whole of Family Team
Mental Health Service
PO Box 55
Nowra NSW 2541
02 4252 9670

Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays):  8:30am to 5:00pm

How to get there

You can drive or use public transport. The nearest train station is Bomaderry Railway Station, and Shoal Bus services the area. The Whole of Family Team is located in the Crossroads building, which is on Worrigee Street, between Osborne and Berry Streets, Nowra.


Parking in the area is street parking or local parking lots – there may be parking spots available behind Worrigee Street, Nowra.

Please note, there is no public parking behind the Crossroads building.

Advice for disabled to get to the service

Phone the Whole of Family Team for advice: 02 4252 9670