Social stories

Social stories are helpful for students who have difficulty understanding social interactions, communicating with peers and / or behaving appropriately in social situations.

A social story is used to describe a specific situation, outline the events that may occur, what behaviours would be expected of them and the possible outcomes.

Social stories can be presented in a variety of formats, including hard copy, audio or on screen and can be developed for individuals or a group of students.


Accordion Content

Generally all social stories have the following components:

  • A goal that aims to address a specific behaviour and / or social situation.
  • Is authentic to the experience and current situation of the student.
  • Is tailored to the abilities of the student.
  • Written in a positive and patient, 1st or 3rd person voice with appropriate vocabulary.
  • Describes expected or effective responses and / or possible choices.


Accordion Content

When someone is hurting or annoying me, I will:

  1. Look at them.
  2. Put my hand up in a ‘stop’ sign.
  3. Say to the person, “Stop it, I don’t like it.”
  4. If it does not work I will get help from a teacher.

If the behaviour persists despite trying a number of interventions, discuss the student’s situation with a supervisor or member of the learning and wellbeing support staff at your school.

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