Volunteer Grief Companions

Our trained and sensitive volunteers can provide you with nonjudgmental, flexible and compassionate grief support. You may like to consider meeting with a volunteer for a grief support visit. Perhaps you would like to consider:

  • Chatting over a cup of tea at your home.
  • A ‘walk and talk’ in your area.
  • A discussion about the current practical issues you are facing and the options for you to seek help with this.

Our volunteers bring experience from all walks of life and have been trained in palliative care, listening skills and grief support. They are available to hear you, without judgement or direction.

Our volunteers also have a good understanding of the practicalities associated with dealing with the loss of someone significant, and can provide you with information about relevant community resources. They can help you take the first steps in managing your practical tasks, such as who to notify after a death, sourcing support for your own needs, and where to turn for specialised help. Our volunteers have access to consultation with our specialist palliative and bereavement health workers.

For details on our Volunteer Palliative Care teams in your area:

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