Drug & Alcohol Counselling


Has someone has suggested that you speak with a counsellor? If so, they think that counselling will help your life become better than it is now.

If you haven’t had any counselling before you might not know what it involves. This may make you feel anxious or may can make counselling seem scary.

Counselling involves talking with someone. It can help you work through difficult situations or personal problems. With drug and alcohol counselling, you will be talking with someone about finding ways to get your drug and alcohol use back to a level you are happy with.

What can I expect?

  • Counselling should make some positive change in your life
  • Counselling will focus on your own goals. They may be to stop, cut down, or use more safely.
  • Your counsellor is not the expert. Nor will they have all the solutions. Counselling is about working together to try to work out solutions that fit for you
  • You will learn new things. This may be new ways of thinking about life and new ways of doing things
  • It will involve talking about your drug or alcohol use and perhaps about other parts of your life that affect your drug or alcohol use. This might be things like relationships, your ways of coping with stress, or your ways of having fun
  • You will be in control of what is talked about. It’s not about someone telling you to talk about things you don’t want to talk about
  • You will also be in charge of the how long the counselling goes for – you are the best judge of when you have what you need
  • It will usually not involve talking in great length about your childhood
  • If you are not happy with your counselling you will be able to talk with your counsellor about why or see a different counsellor
  • It is not just about looking at your drug and alcohol use – it should also be about how you can improve your life

Services provided

Our counsellors are trained in providing professional care for alcohol and drug use.  We have counsellors who are experienced with young people, adults and families.

How to access

If you have any questions about drug and alcohol counselling, our counsellors will be happy to talk with you.

To speak to a counsellor, please feel free to contact our service on 1300 652 226.

The Health Care Interpreter Service provides a free and confidential interpreting service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For bookings please call 4223 8540.
If you need an interpreter let your service provider know immediately and they can book one for you in your preferred language.


Contact Information

1300 652 226