Lifestyle Change for Diabetes


Lifestyle change not about a quick fix, it is about putting into practice new routines and sticking to them for life. It is challenging but you will be rewarded in the long run and can often prevent diabetes from becoming worse.

Setting goals, considering barriers to overcome and finding solutions to problems that arise is vital to establishing good long term health.

You are not alone, we are dedicated at guiding you on your way to better health.

Consider your options for change (there are often many):

  1. Improve your energy to do the things you want
  2. Feel less tired
  3. Lower your blood glucose levels
  4. Improve weight
  5. Improve job prospects
  6. Improve cholesterol levels
  7. Go on holidays and enjoy the activities


Nutrition plays a vital part in the management of all forms of diabetes. It is important to follow appropriate, evidenced based nutrition advice to help control diabetes.

For all Types of diabetes it is important to:

  • Know which foods are carbohydrates as these directly impact your blood sugar levels
  • Eat carbohydrate food regularly, but spread evenly through the day
  • Eat some protein at meals – lean options are best
  • Include a small amount of healthy fats (unsaturated) each day such as unsalted nuts, avocado or olive oil
  • Increase your intake of plant based foods-eg: 2 pieces of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables.
  • Drink adequate amounts of fluid (8 cups per day)- Water is the best choice.
  • Learn mindful eating techniques

To make a more specific plan book in to see a dietitian- Call 1300 308 969

Exercise and Physical Activity 

Exercise is also important to help to control diabetes. It is recommended for adults to aim for 30 minutes of exercise per day and children should aim for 60 mins per day. More evidence is supporting a mix of cardiovascular training (walking) and resistance exercise (lifting light weights). Resistance exercise will help to tone muscle and take up more glucose from the body.

Health Moves is a 12 week physical activity program. It is run by personal trainers who support participants at every session. It is run at 4 different locations across the Illawarra Shoalhaven region including:

  • Beaton Park Leisure Centre,
  • Lakeside Leisure Centre,
  • Kiama Leisure Centre and
  • Ulladulla Leisure Centre.

To find out more contact Alison Webb on 02 4231 1910.

 Diabetes Australia

Diabetes Australia run online and face to face events during the year. These are  a great way of updating/ upkilling your diabetes knowledge (eg: Supermarket tours and diabetes updates). They also provide exercise programs such as 'Beat it Program'. The Beat it program is an 8 week exercise program run in different locations across the district. Click the link for further information: