Milton Ulladulla Health Service Plan

3 June 2024
Milton Ulladulla Hospital

Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (ISLHD) is developing the draft Health Service Plan (HSP) for Milton Ulladulla Hospital ahead of community consultation scheduled to occur in September 2024.

ISLHD Chief Executive, Margot Mains said the District is keen to hear from the community about the draft HSP, which will guide the planning and development of health services at Milton Ulladulla Hospital.

“The HSP will focus on the community’s health needs now and into the future so that we can plan health services and infrastructure at Milton Ulladulla Hospital to meet those needs,” Ms Mains said.

“We use data, including population trends and projections, to inform the HSP, as well as considering evidence-based practices, value-based healthcare principles, and changes to how healthcare will be delivered in the future.

“Extensive consultation with key clinical and non-clinical staff and stakeholders, as well as input from the community, is also crucial to understanding local health needs and we look forward to presenting the draft HSP for broader consultation in September.

“Communities play a critical role in the process of health service planning, and we intend to provide a range of opportunities for people to be involved, with consultation to include online and face-to-face options.

“Detailed information will be provided to the communities of Milton and Ulladulla and the surrounding region outlining where and how they can provide feedback on the draft HSP across the September consultation period.”

The HSP will guide future health and hospital service delivery over the next 10 – 15 years at Milton Ulladulla Hospital, including responding to the changing needs of the community such as:

  • Increasing demand on the Milton Ulladulla Hospital Emergency Department, particularly through the peak summer period
  • The need for appropriate service models in response to the growing ageing population
  • Increasing need for non-hospital models of care, supporting the community to stay healthy at home
  • Exploring enhanced maternity services, including birthing services, so that local women can receive care as close to home as possible.

ISLHD is also partnering with Health Infrastructure to plan and deliver capital improvements to Milton Ulladulla Hospital including diagnostic equipment and enhanced community cancer services.

“We appreciate that local communities are passionate about Milton Ulladulla Hospital, and we are committed to working with them, our clinicians, and other key stakeholders in shaping the future of the facility,’’ Ms Mains said.

“As always, our primary goal is to ensure we can continue to provide high quality health services at Milton Ulladulla Hospital, which can be delivered safely and within available resources.”

The NSW Budget 2023-24 included a $7.5 million capital investment by the NSW Government for facility upgrades at Milton Ulladulla Hospital.


Previously referred to as a Clinical Services Plan, a Health Service Plan outlines the services required to reflect the community’s health needs into the future and makes recommendations about the best way to deliver these services.