What equipment do I need to have a Virtual Care consultation?

Virtual Care is an efficient, convenient way to access essential healthcare services.

Virtual Care can take some getting used to, but it’s easy to set up. You will be given instructions on how to connect.

All you need for your Virtual Care consultation is:

iPad, tablet or smartphone

Accordion Content
  • Internet connection with access to data (a 30min Videocall uses approximately 400Mb)
  • Google Chrome or Virtual Care platform App (Discuss with your Health service provider)
  • Integrated or USB camera
  • Headphones with microphone or enabled speaker/microphone.

Laptop or desktop computer

Accordion Content
  • Internet Connection with access to data
  • Google Chrome
  • Integrated or USB camera
  • Headset or speaker/microphone.

Browser requirements

Windows 7 & 10

  • Google Chrome v61 +
  • Mozilla Firefox v60 +
  • Microsoft Edge v41 +

Apple MAC OS 11.1 +

  • Safari v11.1 +

It’s a great idea to test your connection prior to your appointment and reach out for help if you have any problems. The healthcare team who set up the appointment can provide more information, sort out any problems or set up a test call.