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myVC is a custom-built web-based videoconferencing platform. The platform is secure and your privacy is protected. myVC clinics are available for scheduled appointments only. This is not an emergency service.

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Select the relevant myVC clinic from the list below.  Check the confirmation of your appointment for details if you are unsure:

myVC - Aged Care Outreach Service (ACOS)

myVC - Outpatient and Community Services

Accordion Content

Aboriginal Chronic Care Unit

Bereavement Counselling Service

Bulli Hospital - Occupational Therapy GOTU Outpatients

Cancer Services - Hereditary Cancer Clinic

Cancer Services - lllawarra Cancer Care Centre

Cancer Services - Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre

Child and Family Health - Allied Health Services

Child and Family Health - CP Services

Child and Family Health - Family Care Centres

Child and Family Health - Nursing Services

Community Aged Care Programs

Domestic & Family Violence and Sexual Assault Service 


Illawarra Brain Injury Service

Illawarra Diabetes Service – Diabetic Clinic

Illawarra Heart Health Centre

Illawarra Occupational Therapy Domiciliary Service

Illawarra Osteoarthritis Chronic Care Program (OACCP)

Illawarra Osteoporosis Refracture Prevention Service (ORP)

Illawarra Paediatric Allied Health

Illawarra Shoalhaven Diagnostic and Assessment Service (ISDAS)

Illawarra Shoalhaven - Haematology Outpatient Service

Maternity Services - General Genetics

Multicultural & Refugee Health Service

New Street Illawarra Shoalhaven

Paediatric Service

Palliative Care Service

Port Kembla Hospital - Day Rehabilitation Program

Port Kembla Hospital - Occupational Therapy Community Service

Port Kembla Hospital - Occupational Therapy Outpatient Service

Port Kembla Hospital - Physiotherapy Outpatient Department

Port Kembla Hospital - Rehabilitation Outpatient Department

Port Kembla Hospital - Sexual Health

Rehabilitation and Medical Psychology Room

Renal Medicine – Home Training

Renal Medicine - Outpatient Clinic

Renal Supportive Care 

Shellharbour Hospital - Outpatient Department

Shellharbour Hospital - Pre Admission Clinic

Shoalhaven - Aged Care Department

Shoalhaven - Allied Health Quick Access Response Team (QuART)

Shoalhaven Cardiac Rehabilitation Service

Shoalhaven - Heart Failure Service

Shoalhaven - Physiotherapy

Shoalhaven - Osteoarthritis Chronic Care Program (OACCP) 

Shoalhaven - Osteoporosis Refracture Prevention Program (ORP)

Shoalhaven - Respiratory Coordinated Care Program (RCCP)

Shoalhaven Hospital - Chronic Pain Service  

Shoalhaven Hospital - Domiciliary Stroke Service

Shoalhaven Hospital - Early Discharge Therapy Team (EDTT)

Shoalhaven Hospital – Hospital in the Home (HITH)

Shoalhaven Hospital - Medical Services Outpatient Clinic

Shoalhaven Hospital - Neurology Outpatient Clinic

Shoalhaven Hospital - Occupational Therapy

Shoalhaven Hospital - Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinic

Shoalhaven Hospital - Respiratory Outpatient Clinic

Shoalhaven Hospital - Sexual Health

Speech Pathology - Adult Services

Speech Pathology - Paediatric Services

Sustaining NSW Families (SNF)

Wollongong - Allied Health Quick Access Response Team (QuART)

Wollongong Hospital - Ambulatory Care Centre - Endocrine Clinic 

Wollongong Hospital - Ambulatory Care - General Medicine Clinic 

Wollongong Hospital - Neurosciences Outpatient Clinic

Wollongong Hospital - Neurosurgery Pre Admission Clinic

Wollongong Hospital - Occupational Therapy 

Wollongong Hospital - Physiotherapy Outpatients Department


myVC - Mental Health Services

myVC - Inpatient Services