2022 ISLHD Publications

There were a total of 224 publications known to the ISLHD Research Office which appeared in the year 2022 and had one or more authors listed with ISLHD affiliations. 

If you are an ISLHD researcher and one of your publications is missing from this list, please contact the team at ISLHD-Research@health.nsw.gov.au to let us know.

Aged Care, Rehabilitation & Palliative Care

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Cappetta K, Lago L, Potter J, Phillipson L (2022) Under-coding of dementia and other conditions indicates scope for improved patient management: A longitudinal retrospective study of dementia patients in Australia. Health Information Management Journal, 51(1):32-44.

Chow JSF, Barclay G, Harlum J, Swierczynski J, Jobburn K, Agar M (2022). Palliative Care Home Support Packages (PEACH): a carer cross-sectional survey, BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, 12:e68-e74.

Christley J, Cuenca J, Davis KJ, Evry N, Hartwell T, Shepherd K (2022), Evaluation of the geriatrician in the practice model of care for dementia assessment and management in rural Australia, Australian Journal of Rural Health, 30(1):55-64.

Dawes E, Bliokas V, Hewitt L, Wilson V (2022) Cognitive screening in persons with an amputation: A retrospective medical record audit. Prosthetics and Orthotics International, 1;46(5):500-504.

Johns L, Weightman S, Blackburn P, McAuliffe D (2022). A systematic literature review exploring the psychosocial aspects of palliative care provision for incarcerated persons: a human rights perspective, International Journal of Prisoner Health, 18(4):443-457.

Tan AC, Allen SK, Aziz I, Mercado M, Nanthakumar K, Syed F, Champion GD (2022) Biopsychosocial sequelae of chronically painful injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents contributing to non-recovery: A retrospective cohort study, Injury, 53(10):3201-3208.

Westley-Wise V, Moules S, Masso M, Barclay G, Nangati Z, Allingham S, Davis J, Eagar K (2022), Who needs, receives and misses out on palliative and end-of-life care? A population-based study to identify needs and gaps in a regional health service, Australian Health Review, 46(1):91-99.

Allied Health

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Andersen K, Hewitt L, Davis KJ (2022). Impact of Frailty on Acute Rehabilitation Outcomes: An Observational Study in a Regional Australian Context, Physical & Occupational Therapy In Geriatrics. 40(3):225-240.

Burgess A, Hawkins J, Kostovski C, Duncanson K (2022). Assessing cultural appropriateness of patient-reported outcome measures for Aboriginal people with diabetes: study protocol. Public Health Research & Practice, 32(1):e31122105.

Kent K, Yousefi M, do Rosario VA, FItzgerald Z, Broyd S, VIsentin D, Roodenrys S, Walton K, Charlton KE (2022). Anthocyanin intake is associated with improved memory in older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment, Nutrition Research, 104:36-43.

Leake HB, Mardon A, Stanton TR, Harvie DS, Butler DS, Karran EL, Wilson D, Booth J, Barker T, Wood P, Fried K, Hayes C, Taylor L, Macoun M, Simister A, Moseley GL, Berryman C (2022). Key Learning Statements for persistent pain education: an iterative analysis of consumer, clinician and researcher perspectives and development of public messaging, The Journal of Pain, 23(11):1989- 2001.

Read AC, Morgan S, Reynolds C, Breeding J, Scott S, Lowe DA, Newman S, Kennedy R, Buscher H (2022). The effect of a structured ECPR protocol aided by specific simulation training in a quaternary ECMO centre: A retrospective pre-post study, Resuscitation Plus, 10:100234.

Zhang Z, Predy M, Kuzik N, Hewitt L, Hesketh KD, Pritchard L, Okely AD, Carson V (2022), Validity of an infant tummy time questionnaire and time-use diary against the GENEActiv accelerometer, Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science, 26(1):27-38.

Ambulatory & Primary Health Care

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Bates A, Furber S, Sherrington C, van den Dolder P, Ginn K, Bauman A, Howard K, Kershaw M, Franco L, Chittenden C, Tiedemann A (2022). Effectiveness of workshops to teach a home-based exercise program (BEST at Home) for preventing falls in community-dwelling people aged 65 years and over: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial, BMC Geriatrics, 22:366.

Crowe RK, Probst YC, Norman JA, Furber SE, Stanley RM, Ryan ST, Vuong C, Hammersley ML, Wardle K, Franco L, Beets MW, Weaver RG, Davis M, Innes-Hughes C, Okely AD (2022), Foods and beverages provided in out of school hours care services: an observational study, BMC Public Health, 22:277.

Johnston R, Norman J, Furber S, Parkinson J (2022). The barriers and enablers to implementing the New South Wales Healthy School Canteen Strategy in secondary schools in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions – A qualitative study, Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 33(3):686-695.

Kerr EM, Hewitt L, Ryan ST, Norman J, Kelly B, Hammersley ML, Lum M, Okely AD (2022). Correlates of children's dietary intake, physical activity and sedentary behavior in home-based childcare: A systematic review. Preventive Medicine Reports, 30:101999.

Kerr EM, Kelly B, Hammersley ML, Norman J, Hernandez L, Furber S, Vuong C, Wardle K, Ryan S, Okley AD (2022). Assessment of Feeding Practices and Mealtime Environments in Australian Family Day Care Services, Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 54(5):442-448.

Kerr EM, Kelly B, Norman J, Furber S, Hernandez L, Hammersley ML, Ryan S, Franco L, Vuong C, Okely AD. (2022) Nutrition, physical activity and screen time policies and practices in family day care in NSW, Australia, Public Health Research and Practice, 32(3):31342114.

Norman J, van Weerdenburg K, Furber S, Stratten M, Okely AD (2022), A health and wellbeing programme for preadolescents in underserved Australian communities: child and stakeholder perspectives, Health Promotion International, 37(1):daab065.

Waller K, Furber S, Cook R, Allman-Farinelli M, Colagiuri S, Franco L, Moses R, Webb A, Bauman A (2022). Effectiveness and costs of strategies to recruit Australian adults with type 2 diabetes into a text message intervention (DTEXT) study, Public Health Research and Practice, 32(2):31232113.

Woods AJ, Probst YC, Norman J, Wardle K, Ryan ST, Patel L, Crowe RK, Okely AD (2022). Correlates of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in children attending before and after school care: a systematic review, BMC Public Health, 22:2364.

Zhao GW, Roder DM, White S, Lin E, Challam S, Little A, Renzaho A, Pitts L, Liauw W, Currow D (2022). Colorectal cancer and country of birth in New South Wales, Australia: All-of-population data for prioritising health service delivery and research, Cancer Epidemiology, 80:102243.

Cancer Care

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Arnold A, Ward I, Gandhidasan S (2022). Incident review in radiation oncology, Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology, 66(2):291-298.

Bamgboje-Ayodele A, Arnold B, Durcinoska I, Avery S, Vinod S, Rincones O, Thomas T, Descallar J, Smith B, Delaney GP, Girgis A (2022). Implementing patient-reported outcomes into routine care: an audit of cancer patients from two local health districts in New South Wales to understand their capabilities and preferences, Australian Health Review, 46(3):331-337.

Bamgboje-Ayodele A, Durcinoska I, Rincones O, Wu VS, Arnold A, Delaney GP, Girgis A, on behalf of the PROMPT-Care Authorship Group (incl. Nasser E, Ryan N) (2022). Supporting cancer patients to self-manage: Extent of use and perceptions of “trusted” online self-management resources, Patient Education and Counselling, 105(7):2240-2247.

Barnes MR, Sun B, Oborn B, Lamichhane BP, Szwec S, Schmidt M, Cai B, Menk FW, Greer PB (2022). Determination of the electronic portal imaging device pixel‐sensitivity‐map for quality assurance applications. Part 1: Comparison of methods. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 23(6).

Barnes MP, Sun B, Oborn BM, Lamichhane B, Szwec S, Schmidt M, Cai B, Menk F, Greer P (2022). Determination of the electronic portal imaging device pixel-sensitivity-map for quality assurance applications. Part 2: Photon beam dependence, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 23(6):e13603.

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Critical Care

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Aletreby WT, Mumtaz SA, Shahzad SA, Ahmed I, Alodat MA, Gharba M, Farea ZA, Mady AF,Mahmood W,Mhawish H, Abdulmowla MM, Nasser RM (2022), External validation of 4C ISARIC mortality score incritically ill COVID-19 patients from Saudi Arabi, Saudi Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences,10(1):19-24.

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Drug and Alcohol

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Health Management

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Kids & Families

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Maternity & Women’s Health

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Mental Health

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Nursing & Midwifery

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Public Health

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