Education and Training

We can provide a range of information workshops or advice via:

  • Client or Community Workshops
  • In-services or education for teams
  • Attending a team meeting

To request a training session or arrange a workshop please contact our health education team on or 4254 2700.

To request a training session please download and complete our Training Session Booking Form

(Please note: Many of our staff also see clients. To avoid disappointment, where possible we recommend booking sessions four weeks or more prior to your preferred date)

Some of the education and training sessions we offer include:


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Preventure is a brief intervention for teenagers aimed at improving mental health and preventing drug and alcohol use and other risk-taking behaviours. The intervention targets four personality styles that may place teenagers at higher risk.

It  has demonstrated effectiveness in reducing mental health symptoms and drug and alcohol related harms. The intervention involves participation in two x 90 minute workshops. 

These focus on motivating students and helping them understand emotional and behavioural reactions. The sessions incorporate psycho-educational and cognitive behavioural components, and include real life scenarios. 

More about Preventure: or 4254 2700.

Alcohol or Drug Fireside Chat

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Fire-side chats are short 30 min informal sessions. These chats cover issues currently relevant to young people.

Topics include:

  • How to reduce harm from drug use (choosing not to take drugs or alcohol is a valid option)
  • Strategies to look after your mates
  • Discussing scenarios for young people to consider a range of response options such as if a drug is offered, if they don’t feel safe, if something goes wrong. 

Contact David StQuintin 02 4254 2700 

Methamphetamine and Stimulant Treatment Choices

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Latest information around methamphetamine and stimulant use. Understand thing the effects. What does Stimulant Treatment offer?

Contact the Stimulant Treatment Program 02 4254 2797

Save-a-Mate Responding to Drug & Alcohol Emergencies

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  • Effects of drugs on the body
  • Factors that can prevent or lead to an overdose
  • How to recognise the signs and symptoms of an overdose
  • Provide assistance in an emergency situation.

Shoalhaven Drug and Alcohol Service : 02 4422 9662

Pregnancy, Parenting & Substance Use

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This workshop examines the effects of maternal substance use during pregnancy; considers the implications for children living with substance using parents and provides workers with skills to 'ask the difficult questions'.

Contact Sarah 02 4254 2700 

Supporting Smokers in Quit Attempts

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This short workshop will provide an introduction to some of the supports available to help smokers to quit or cut down. The workshop is suitable for organisations or groups who may work with clients who smoke and provides workers with up to date information on where smokers can access help in their quit journey.

Audience: Organisations working with clients who smoke

Duration: 45 minutes

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Understand nicotine addiction & its treatment
  • Be aware of the latest quit smoking treatments & how clients can access these
  • Be able to outline sources of support for those quitting or cutting down including treatment, apps and websites

If you would like to book a workshop for your organisation or group please contact

Hepatitis ABC

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Know the difference - transmission, effects and prevention. Supporting informed decisions for treatment.

Contact First Step Program 02 4275 1529

Times are Changing

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These ten minute talks are ideal for team meetings and provided a more relaxed atmosphere. They provide a short sharp update/ snapshot on:

  • Drug and alcohol issues 
  • Current drug trends
  • A street perspective
  • Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District Drug & Alcohol related services
  • Blood borne virus awareness 

Contact  Michael Fernandez on 0411 408 719 or 02 4275 1529 

Talking Tactics Together

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Interactive drug education program for Stage 3 students and their parents.

Increases student knowledge around alcohol, prescription medication and nicotine.

Contact Di on 02 4254 2700 or 0401 718 469 

Medication, Alcohol and Lifestyle (Seniors)

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Understand how to get the best from your medication, avoid side effects and interactions.

Contact Di on 02 4254 2700 or 0401 718 469  

Cannabis - All you need to know

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This workshop will provide cannabis information including:

  • Current research and information
  • Tips for enhancing user motivation and engagement
  • Harm minimisation information.

Contact Di on 02 4254 2700 or 0401 718 469