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Resources to assist you.

Where to go for support.

Virtual Mental Health Care

Illawarra Community Mental Health Service Welcome Pack

First Nations Mental Health and Wellbeing Services and Supports

A list of services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Easy read and accessible mental health information

Easy read formats use large format text and pictures. 

These easy read resources have been developed by the Department of Developmental Disability at the University of NSW and NSW Health and are available here

The fact sheets on this page are also available in:

Aboriginal Mental Health and Wellbeing Implementation Plan

The Plan provides a three-year guide for how ISLHD can support the mental health and wellbeing of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. We are committed to high quality and accessible local services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experiencing mental ill health.
The ISLHD Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan importantly brings together the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, with other mental health staff, to deliver consumer focused, responsive and culturally sensitive care.

Our Recovery Magazine -

Recovery is unique and individual to each person. The Recovery Magazine has been designed to provide you with information about how the Wollongong Hospital Mental Health Unit runs and how we can provide treatment and support to assist you in your recovery. This magazine will help you to be involved in your care. Your treatment needs to reflect the aspects of your life that are important in your recovery. With treatment and support people can recover and live a fulfilling and satisfying life.