REACHing out for Help in Mental Health


Image of two people holding handsYou know yourself, or the person you care about, the best.

We encourage patients, carers and family members to let us know when ‘something isn’t right’.

Please tell us if you are worried about your condition, or the condition of a family member or friend.

Here’s how to ask for help:

  1. Talk to your nurse or doctor about your concern.
  2. If you are still worried after this discussion, ask for a ‘clinical review’. This should take place within 30 minutes and is usually attended to by the person in charge of the ward.
  3. If you are still worried, make a REACH call.

What is REACH?

REACH is another way for patients and carers to ask for help while in hospital.

What happens when I make a REACH call?

Making a REACH call will mean your condition (or that of the patient you called about) is re-assessed within 15 minutes by an experienced clinical person.

They will assess your situation, provide advice or escalate your concerns, and keep you informed.

This assessment may take place over the phone or in person.

How do I make a REACH call?

You can make a REACH call by:

1. Making a phone call from your mobile phone (not all hospitals provide this option)


2. Telling your nurse, doctor or nurse unit manager that you would like to make a REACH call. They will provide you with a number and access to a phone.


3. When making the call, please state that you are making a REACH call, your name or the name of the patient, and the ward and bed number if known.

Use the following numbers and posters to help you make a REACH call:

Wollongong Hospital: 02 4222 5000 Adult Poster
Shellharbour Hospital: 02 4295 2500 Adult Poster
Port Kembla Hospital: 02 4295 2500
Shoalhaven Hospital: 02 4423 9738  Adult Poster

REACH acronym - R is for Recognise, E is for Engage, A is for Act, C is for call and H is for help is on the way.