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On The Couch with Laura Crozier Webinar

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Join us as we host Laura Crozier (she/her) the Affirmative Consent Project Officer working for the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria (YACVic) and is on the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition. Laura is extremely passionate about advocating for mental health awareness and improving access to sexual healthcare and education. 

Her Affirmative Consent role gets to see her educating young people in rural communities to understand affirmative consent and feel empowered to talk about, and access sexual healthcare.

Laura is also the co host of the podcast Growing Up Clueless where Laura and Miranda tell their stories and provide fact-based advice about stigmatised issues young people face. They hope to be two older sisters to chat to with no judgement or expectations. 

Free online Wednesday, 21 August 2024- 2:00 PM to 1:00 PM Register here


On The Couch with Dr Tessa Opie & Kerrin Bradfield Webinar

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Join us as we host Dr Tessa Opie (she/her), the founder and director of inyourskin® and her colleague Kerrin Bradfield (she/her). Tessa is an advocate for healthy and consenting relationships. She has extensive experience in education delivery and training facilitation. Tessa has worked as an educator across the government, not-for-profit, and private sectors, and has ongoing experience as a guest lecturer at various universities. Tessa works as an expert consultant for several Education Departments including, the South Australian Department of Education.

Kerrin is the founder of Open Book Project, a mother of one, and a passionate advocate for relationships and sexuality education. She works with young people and provides them with quality education, delivering relationships and sexuality education to thousands of young people, their families, and communities.

Kerrin has worked both in Australia and internationally as a Sexologist, designing and implementing projects and sexuality education for audiences ranging from community groups to United Nations staff.

Free online Wednesday, 18 September 2024 -12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Register here


On The Couch with Rachel Wotton & Mohammed Samrah

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Join us as we host Rachel who is a sex worker, academic, consultant and educator. She’s previously held positions with Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) NSW, Scarlet Alliance – the Australian Sex Workers’ Association and Touching Base. In 2011 Rachel was featured in an Australian documentary, Scarlet Road, which outlined her work with clients with disability, presenting further on this topic at TEDx Bunbury; "Open your mind to what goes on behind closed doors". She is a Churchill Fellowship recipient and is currently finishing her PhD at Western Sydney University (WSU) focused on exploring the experiences of people with disability who access sex worker services, in Australia.

Mohammed is a young man with cerebral palsy who has become an advocate for people with disability to have equity in educational opportunities and access sexual experiences. Mohammed shares his experiences with others, in the hopes to build their confidence and self-esteem around healthy relationships, sexual health and accessing sex worker services.

Free online Wednesday 16th October at 2pm Register here


On The Couch with Josef Garrington

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Join us as we host another episode of On The Couch with Josef Garrington, ACON's Southern Regional Health Promotion Officer to talk about HIV.

Josef will be joined by Naomi Hoffman, Clinical Nurse Consultant from the Illawarra Shoalhaven Sexual Health Clinic and Alice and Melissa, two female HIV positive speakers to discuss the lived experience of HIV for women.

Naomi from Caddyshack will host this wonderful panel to discuss testing and treatment options available in Australia and the importance of prevention.

Free Online Wednesday 20th November 12 Noon Register here


Because You Care-Online Learning Module

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This free online training is for foster carers, those working in the OOHC sector, and those with an interest in trauma informed sexual health conversations. The development of Because you care involved extensive consultation with key agencies in both the trauma and out of home care sectors.

The training takes approximately 90mins to complete and is made up of 3 modules which are self-paced and can be completed either all together or separately. Topics covered include: sexually transmitted infections, trauma informed care, contraception and conversation starters. At the completion of the 3 modules, you will receive a certificate of participation.

Because you care was developed by Yfoundations in partnership with the Play Safe Programs Out of Home Care working group.

Online training Approx 90 minutes Register here.


Hepatitis B Online Learning Module

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Hepatitis B, also called hep B, is a virus that infects and affects the liver. When the hep B virus gets into the body it tries to set its home up in a person's liver and can cause serious liver damage. Our liver is an extremely important but often overlooked organ in our body with more than 500 different jobs.

The liver is a real powerhouse of an organ and essential to keeping us healthy so it’s important that we look after our livers. Many people aren't aware that hep B is a major public health issue in Australia.

Hepatitis NSW have designed online learning modules to be for everyone who is interested in the topics but they should be particularly relevant for people working with people affected by or at risk of hep B as well as those with advanced liver disease. This might include people who work in: Homelessness, Harm reduction, Alcohol and other drugs, The criminal justice sector, Immigration, Non-clinical health services, Mental health, Community health, Youth services, Allied health and Multicultural health.

The free online module takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. There’s a short evaluation survey at the end of each module as well as a form to complete in order to receive your certificate of completion.

Free Online Approximately 45 minutes Register here


Nitty Gritty Online Learning Module

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Do you work in a role providing services for young people?

Would you like to enhance your skills to improve the sexual health outcomes of young people?

Participants will develop their knowledge of specific areas of sexual and reproductive health and build skills to confidently and appropriately support young clients.  The course has a focus on developing knowledge and strategies to work effectively with priority populations to support their needs.

This free course by Family Planning NSW has been designed to build on and complement Sticky Stuff training.

Topics in each module:

We encourage everyone to complete the Core Module first to understand some essential information about aspects of reproductive and sexual health relevant to young people.  Then go on to complete the course by working through the other modules to learn about supporting the reproductive and sexual health of particular groups of young people. 

Core Module - This module covers 4 topics: 

  • Communication about reproductive and sexual health and health literacy
  • Legal and social aspects of consent
  • Sexually Transmissible Infections
  • Contraception options and considerations

 Priority population modules:

  • Working with young lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and asexual people
  • Working with young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Working with young people with disability
  • Working with young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds 
Online approx 4 hours 4 weeks to complete Register here


Hepatitis C Online Learning Module

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This program will take you through 6 different parts in the hepatitis C online learning module. This module was designed specifically to give a non-medical, non-clinical introduction to hepatitis C. The information introductory and aims to give those who work in and around hepatitis C a basic, non-clinical overview of this topic. 

The free online module takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. There’s a short evaluation survey at the end of each module as well as a form to complete in order to receive your certificate of completion.

Free online Approximately 45 minutes Register here



Online resources

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Do you need a free test for Hepatitis C?  Order online Order a free, easy, private and accurate way to test. Return the kit to NSW Health in a reply paid envelope and receive the result by phone, text or email
Do you need a free test for HIV?  Order online Order a free, easy, private and accurate way to test. Return the kit to NSW Health in a reply paid envelope and receive the result by phone, text or email. 
Could you have a Sexually Transmissible Infection (STI)? Take the self-assessment quiz. If you’ve ever had vaginal, oral, or anal sex then there is a chance that you could have an STI. Using condoms and getting tested every 6-12 months is the only way to reduce the risk.
Illawarra Shoalhaven Sexual Health Service Provides confidential medical, nursing and counselling services for people with symptoms of a sexually transmissible infection (STI).
Nurse Nettie If you’ve got a confidential question about sexual health, ask Nurse Nettie.
Play Safe Pro Tools for workers to assist in working with young people around sexual health.
Play Safe website Connects young people aged 15-24 years old with sexual health information. 
Sexual Health InfoLink Sexual health nurses, doctors and counsellors who can answer your questions on sexual health and provide referrals to your nearest service.
Take Blaktion Is all about taking charge of your life and taking care of yourself and your partner for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People.
Talk soon. Talk Often A book written to help parents and carers navigate some of those ‘tricky’ conversations with their kids from 0-18 years.
Free Play Safe condoms Order 144 free NSW Health Play Safe branded condoms for your service.

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