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Talk soon. Talk often Webinar

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Sometimes parents and carers can be so concerned about getting it right, perfectly right, that they end up saying nothing at all. Young people in today’s society have to navigate and negotiate a lot more around sex than ever before. Talk soon. Talk often is an information session with Naomi Viret  & Kaitlyn Middleton, the Sexual Health Education Officers from the HIV & Related Programs (HARP)  Attendees will receive a free copy of the book Talk soon. Talk often by post, so please register early, allowing time to receive this.

8 September 2020 -11.00-Noon Tuesday Register

Confidence, Clarity & Contraceptive Choices

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Contraception is an important and necessary part of our lives, and now more than ever before there are options available to suit everyone for every stage of life. HARP will unpack the Contraception Kit available from Family Planning NSW containing barrier methods, hormonal, non-hormonal and long acting reversible contraception. Once you have registered, you will be posted a pack with an O-cube, banana penis and other goodies to interact with during the webinar.

29th July -10.00-11.30 am Wednesday Register
10th November - 10.00-11.30 am Tuesday Register


Ovulation, Periods & Conception

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In this session we will discuss the process of ovulation, how conception occurs and the menstruation cycle. It's important and empowering to learn, know and understand how our bodies work.

Presenters are  Naomi Viret and Kaitlyn Middleton, the Health Education Officers from HARP. 

Once you have registered you will receive a pack by post with some goodies that you can interact with during the session.

11th August- 10.00-11.00am Tuesday Register


HIV 101 Webinar

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Amidst all that's happened in 2020, it's important for us to keep HIV on the agenda.

HIV 101 is a webinar designed to inform or refresh knowledge on HIV. This webinar will cover a brief history of HIV, discuss the importance of prevention, types of prevention available in Australia, as well as testing and treatment options.

We invite you to join Josef Garrington, ACONs' Southern Regional Health Promotion Officer and Naomi Viret the Health Education Officer from Caddyshack Project, as they take you through HIV in an interactive and thought provoking way.

When you register for the free ticket, please provide your best postal address, as we will post out a Caddyshack pack with a few goodies for you.


10th December-10.30am-Noon Thursday Register



Online resources

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Do you need a test for Hepatitis C?  Order a kit online Order a free, easy, private and accurate way to test. . Return the kit to NSW Health in a reply paid envelope and receive the result by phone, text or email
Do you need a test for HIV?  Order a kit online Order a free, easy, private and accurate way to test. Return the kit to NSW Health in a reply paid envelope and receive the result by phone, text or email. 
Could you have Hepatitis C? Take the self-assessment quiz  
Could you have a Sexually Transmissible Infection (STI)? Take the self-assessment quiz.  


Illawarra Shoalhaven Sexual Health Service provides confidential medical, nursing and counselling services for people with symptoms of a sexually transmissible infection (STI).
Nurse Nettie a real, qualified sexual health nurse based in Sydney. If you’ve got a confidential question about sexual health, ask Nurse Nettie.
Play Safe Pro tools for workers to assist in working with young people around sexual health.
Play Safe website  connects young people aged 15-24 years old with sexual health information. 
Sexual Health Info sexual health nurses, doctors and counsellors who can answer your questions on sexual health and provide referrals to your nearest service.
Take Blaktion is all about taking charge of your life and taking care of yourself and your partner for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People.
Talk soon. Talk Often a book written to help parents and carers navigate some of those ‘tricky’ conversations with their kids…right from the start.
Free Play Safe condoms organisations can order free Play Safe condoms from the NSW STI Programs Unit (STIPU). Orders are limited to one bag of 144 per service per month.