Antenatal Clinic - Wollongong Hospital

anc dopplerOpen 8.30am to 4.30pm, our antenatal clinic (pregnancy clinic) is located on Level 1 (ground floor) of Wollongong hospital, in Block D.

To book your first appointment - Ph. 4253 4284  (have your GP (doctor) referral letter with you)

To change appointments - Ph. 4253 4256

Our clinic is very busy, so we are sorry if you don't get through at your first try. Please keep trying.

Where are we in Wollongong Hospital?

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How do I book in?

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To book into the antenatal clinic call: Ph.4253 4284.

You will need to have your doctor's (GP) referral letter with you when you make the call.

Please tell us if you would like an interpreter to help you to understand medical language.

Our clinic is very busy, so we are sorry if you don't get through at your first try. Please keep trying.

To change appointments at the clinic - Ph. 4253 4256

What do I bring with me to appointments?

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Any time you visit the hospital or your GP, please have these with you:

  • Your antenatal record card (yellow card) - this is given to you by your GP or the hospital. It is important that you always have this card with you. It can be used by doctors anywhere in Australia if you are not in your local area.
  • Results of any tests or ultrasounds you have had since your last appointment.

The HISTORY appointment (first appointment at hospital)

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Your 'history' appointment is the first time a midwife from the hospital will talk with you.

This appointment takes around 90minutes.

Ring the Antenatal Clinic to book into this appointment on Ph: 4253 4284

Make sure you have a copy of all paperwork with you, or your GP (doctor) can send these to the hospital (FAX: 4253 4258)

Paperwork should include:

  • your referral letter,
  • antenatal record (yellow) card
  • any results of tests you have had (e.g. blood tests, ultrasounds)

This appointment will be with one of our midwives at Wollongong or Shellharbour Hospitals.

The midwife will discuss with you which model of care you would like for your pregnancy. Please see the section below - Who looks after me (models of care)

Who looks after me (models of care)?

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In most cases, you can choose who looks after you for your care. Click on these links for more information.

  • Midwife Clinics - Midwives will care for you through your pregnancy. These pregnancy clinics are at Wollongong Hospital or in local community centres. Please ask the midwife to discuss this with you at your history appointment.
  • Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) - this option is available for some women. It involves pregnancy care with one midwife and the support of a team who look after you through pregnancy, birth and when you go home for a short time.  This team of midwives may be able to offer you support to have a homebirth if you choose. Please book into the antenatal clinic AND fill in the referral form on this page (Midwife Group Practice). After you email the form to the address on the page, the midwife from MGP will contact you to confirm eligibility within 8-12 weeks. In the meantime, it is important to continue to see your GP for pregnancy care.
  • Binji and Boori (AMHIS) - this service is available to you if your baby will be identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. The service provides care during pregnancy and after baby is born. You can self refer on Ph: 42952417 or ask the midwife to refer you at the history appointment. Click here for more information -  Binji and Boori 
  • Doctor's Hospital clinics - some women may need extra care by a doctor during pregnancy. The midwife at your history appointment will be able to discuss this with you further and help you choose the model of care best suited to you and your needs. Specialist doctor and midwife teams will work with you if you need extra support through your pregnancy.
  • CHAIN - This is a Youth Support clinic for mothers aged up to 24 years of age. Support and pregnancy care is given by a midwife who offers care through pregnancy, childbirth classes and other parenting support options.
  • Private care- Wollongong Hospital cares for patients of private obstetrician and midwives. The midwife at your history appointment will be able to discuss this with you further.

Other services at Wollongong Hospital - Midwives, doctors and other health professionals work together to support you and your family providing services for women with special needs, medical conditions, mental health or drug/alcohol concerns. 

For more information, call Antenatal Clinic- Phone 4253 4256 or 4253 4284

What happens during a pregnancy check (antenatal appointment)?

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Every time you come in or see your GP for a pregnancy visit, you will be asked how you are feeling and have baby's growth checked.

We will listen to baby's heartbeat from around 16 weeks gestation and measure the growth of your uterus with a tape measure from about 24 weeks.

We also ask you about your baby's movements. Click on this link for more information

You may be asked to weigh yourself or test your urine. We will show you what to do.

Pregnancy visits are also your opportunity to have your questions answered.

Please make us aware of any aches and pains you may be having or if you are worried about anything.

This video will show you a pregnancy check 

Some pregnancy information to start you off...

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There is a lot of information about pregnancy and childbirth on the internet. To help you untangle all of these sites, we are building a resources page (coming soon).

In the meantime, here are some of the booklets we give you when you come to the antenatal clinic for the first time:

Day Assessment Unit (Clinic for pregnancies that need extra support)

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This is an outpatient clinic for pregnancies that need extra support and care after 20 weeks gestation. The hospital doctors will refer you if required.

Some of the reasons you may be referred to the Day Assessment Clinic may include:

  • high blood pressure
  • concerns with baby's growth
  • reduced baby movements
  • pregnancies beyond 40 weeks gestation
  • low iron levels (anaemia)
  • Anti D injection if you have a negative blood group.

If you are referred to the Day Assessment Unit, you may need to stay 1-6 hours.

We ask that children do not come into the unit. During COVID restrictions partners are also asked to stay home.


Lactation (breastfeeding) Clinic

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If you have any questions or concerns about breastfeeding, or have had concerns in the past, you can ask to see our Lactation Consultant (breastfeeding nurse specialist) in the lactation (breastfeeding) clinic.

This private appointment may be virtual (on-line) or on Level 2, Block C, in the Gynaecology clinic.

Our District Lactation Consultant is a qualified midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

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Childbirth classes

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Bookings for Virtual (online) antenatal education groups:

For Wollongong Hospital

Enquiries: 02 4253 4256

Cost: Free


Childbirth Classes:

Day: every Saturday from 10am to 12midday.

Time: 2 hours

Venue: Pexip Virtual Meeting Room -a  secure Virtual (online) Platform.

Breastfeeding Classes:

Day: every Friday from 1-2pm.

Time: 1 hour

Venue: Pexip Virtual Meeting Room - a secure Virtual (online) Platform.

GDM information (Wollongong Hospital): 

Day: once a month on a Monday from 1-2pm.

Time: 1 hour

Venue: Pexip Virtual Meeting Room - a secure Virtual (online) Platform.

For more information about Childbirth and Early Parenting education and information; please click on the link below:


Midwife Support Program (MSP) after birth

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Midwives from the antenatal clinic will support and care for you at home after your baby is born if you leave the hospital within 3 days of birth.

Within the first week of birth, midwives can visit and then link you to Child and Family Services and your GP for support that may continue up until 5 years.

Click here for information about our Kids and Families services


R.E.A.C.H out to us


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Please click here for ISLHD Resources webpage for pregnancy and after baby is born

How to get to the antenatal (pregnancy) clinic in Wollongong hospital:

Maternity and Newborn information during COVID-19
NSW Health information

Need an Interpreter? Professional interpreters are available if you need help to communicate with staff. Our staff can also ask for an interpreter. The service is free and confidential. We will book the interpreter for you. You can also call the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450 if you need to speak to us before your appointment. Click here for more information about the Illawarra Health Care Interpreter Service.