Line List Resources

What is a Line List?

A line list or illness register is a critical piece of information that the Public Health Unit and the facility can use to help guide outbreak management. They are used across multiple facilities including Residential Care Facilities (RCF’s) and childcare centres.

A line list provides facilities with appropriate key contacts and collects critical information about ALL people who work/attend/reside at a facility in outbreak.


Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) Line List

Note: Please use this line list for all ARI (including COVID-19).


Gastroenteritis Line List and Resources

The gastroenteritis line list and other resources for Gastroenteritis outbreaks in residential aged care facilities can be found here.

The gastroenteritis line list for Gastroenteritis outbreaks in child care facilities, can be found here.


Line List Troubleshooting Resources


Line List Demonstration


For any queries or concerns about line lists, please email: