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Logging In & Password, Content types  

Creating Content

Creating a Service (Check if you are not sure how to add a Geolocation)

Creating a Profile

Creating a Basic page

Working within the editor and adding files/images


And other useful information 

ISLHD Patient Information Portal – ISLHD approved plain English and translated consumer information is found here.  You will also find all the tools you need to develop plain English consumer resources.

Gov.au Content Guide - a guide to help Australian Government teams design simple, clear and fast content.

NSW Government guidelines - the Digital Design System is a central repository of tools and resources to help government deliver consistent, user centric services.

NSW Government Website guidelines (DPC Communications) - provides resources, networks, guidelines and policy information for communications and engagement professionals working for NSW Government agencies 

W3C Tips on writing for web accessibility - comprehensive guide to web writing accessibility

To copy and paste text within Drupal use keyboard functions:
Cut = Control+x, Copy = Control+c, Paste = Control+v, Select all = Control+a, Undo = Control+z